The Vac Man Stretch Nostalgic Action Figure

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The Vac Man Stretch Nostalgic Action Figure

This week I was sent the fantastic and nostalgic Vac Man to review here in our fun with kids section on the blog. As you may know, I have a special needs brother who despite being an adult in years has the mind of a child and he loves toys and having lots of fun.

Vac Man Action Figure Toy

This week it was James birthday and he was so excited to be given The Original Vac Man toy. James quickly opened his new Vac Man ready to test him out.

The Original Vac Man is a villain from the Stretch Armstrong range of action figures. What is really cool and different about this toy is that you can suck the air out of the 14 inch toy to make it into a fully strecthable and poseable Vac powered action figure.

Pumping up the Action Figure

So James loved testing his new Vac Man out. You attach the pump to the right side of the Vac Man and pump air out 6 times. Once the air was removed from he figure, James was able to play and stretch his action Vac Man which was really fun for my brother.

You can then let the air back into the figure by pressing a valve on the left of Vac Man’s head. James had lots of fun and enjoy pumping the Vac Man up and letting the air out over and over.

Original Vac Man

Once the air is removed the Original Vac Man can do just about anything with his body. It’s great to be able to move his arms and legs in ways you wouldn’t with a usual action type toy. This makes it really fun and my brother loves his new gift.

Other characters include Stretch, Octopus and Fetch Armstrong. These action figures can be purchased from Character Online and are recommended for children aged five and over.

Angela x

*We were sent this product for the purpose of review.

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  1. This looks great! I remember something similar from when I was younger, I never got one myself and was so gutted!

  2. Looks great! I think my partner would love this toy. He is a big kid when it comes to old toys.

  3. I have actually never seen the vac man before but this sound like a toy that my son would absolutely love!

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