Being a Blogger and a Dog Owner

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Being a Blogger and a Dog Owner

Never in a million years did I think I would end up a dog owner. Likewise I never thought I’d end up a blogger, heck I didn’t even know what a blogger was a few years ago. Being both a blogger and a dog owner has brought with it an interesting two years and today I thought I’d share how writing a blog and owning dogs is a good fit for me.

Yoda, the first family dog joined the family in late November 2014. I then started blogging in January 2015. I had no plans to write about Yoda but as my blog was a family lifestyle blog, the subject naturally came up and before I knew it I was writing a regular piece called Yoda’s Antics.

Yoda has been a part of the blog since it began. I have shared his highs and lows, his operations, being attacked and yes the famous post when Yoda stole a boiled egg. Then in December 2015, along

Then in December 2015, along came Casper. Casper is an older Bichon Frise dog who we adopted. I love Casper to bits and call him Caspy bacon. He is my loyal steed and hangs out with me all the time, I mean constantly. I really don’t mind though! Both Yoda and Casper keep me company and it’s rather nice not to be home alone all the time, especially as I write and blog from home and spend time at home unwell.

So each day as I do my blog work I have company. I have two faithful dogs who lay with me and keep me company while I do my blog work. The dogs love me to bits and the feeling is mutual. Yoda and Casper follow me wherever I go. They are super cute but also obey when I tell them.

My dogs understand one word instructions such as in and out, chicken, bed, crate, go and of course naughty. I think keeping the instructions simple works for us and although Yoda and Casper are not always obedient they do listen most of the time.

Being a dog owner and having Casper join us lead me to starting the blog category A Dogs Life. I really had no idea where it would take us but so far we have had a birthday party for Yoda, been to the Family Pet show, reviews lots of Dog items and even dog fashion.

It’s been fun incorporating our dogs into the blog and when I had my recent header designed, I wanted the dogs to be a part of it. After all, this blog is about family and lifestyle and being the owner of two Bichon Dogs is part of our family lifestyle.

Do you have a pet who you write about? Do you share your pet on a blog or social media? I’d love to read your comments below.

Angela x

To read more stories about our Bichon Dogs and Dog themed posts please visit A Dogs Life


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    1. We do have a gorgeous dog. If we have two gorgeous dogs and a lot them both just the same. It’s great fun having Yoda and Casper in our lives.

  1. That’s cute. I like your dog’s name. I think whatever makes you happy is what you should blog about. Chances are you’ll find others out there that think the same as you on certain subjects.

    1. thank you Heather. It’s true, what ever we want to write a book about is what we should write about. I write a blog for others. If you write for yourself then the correct audience will eventually come.

    1. There is a time in a season for everything. My daughter had to wait quite a few years to get her dogs and now we have them it brilliant.

  2. We have a cat which I sometimes talk about in my posts. It’s always so nice to have a family pet, they bring so much love into our lives and they’re the best when it comes to beating stress and pressure. I love that you talk so much about your fur babies in your blog.

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