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Being A Blogger and A Dog Owner

Never in a million years did I think I would end up a dog owner. Likewise I never thought I’d end up a blogger, heck I didn’t even know what a blogger was a few years ago. Being both a blogger and a dog owner has brought with it an interesting two years and today I thought I’d share how writing a blog and owning dogs is a good fit for me.

dog owner

Yoda, the first family dog joined the family in late November 2014. I then started blogging in January 2015. I had no plans to write about Yoda but as my blog was a family lifestyle blog, the subject naturally came up and before I knew it I was writing a regular piece called Yoda’s Antics.

Yoda has been a part of the blog since it began. I have shared his highs and lows, his operations, being attacked and yes the famous post when Yoda stole a boiled egg. Then in December 2015, along

Then in December 2015, along came Casper. Casper is an older Bichon Frise dog who we adopted. I love Casper to bits and call him Caspy bacon. He is my loyal steed and hangs out with me all the time, I mean constantly. I really don’t mind though! Both Yoda and Casper keep me company and it’s rather nice not to be home alone all the time, especially as I write and blog from home and spend time at home unwell.

So each day as I do my blog work I have company. I have two faithful dogs who lay with me and keep me company while I do my blog work. The dogs love me to bits and the feeling is mutual. Yoda and Casper follow me wherever I go. They are super cute but also obey when I tell them.

My dogs understand one word instructions such as in and out, chicken, bed, crate, go and of course naughty. I think keeping the instructions simple works for us and although Yoda and Casper are not always obedient they do listen most of the time.

Being a dog owner and having Casper join us lead me to starting the blog category A Dogs Life. I really had no idea where it would take us but so far we have had a birthday party for Yoda, been to the Family Pet show, reviews lots of Dog items and even dog fashion.

It’s been fun incorporating our dogs into the blog and when I had my recent header designed, I wanted the dogs to be a part of it. After all, this blog is about family and lifestyle and being the owner of two Bichon Dogs is part of our family lifestyle.

Do you have a pet who you write about? Do you share your pet on a blog or social media? I’d love to read your comments below.

Angela x

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