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5 Things To Buy Before You Go To Disney Land

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Here are 5 Things To Buy Before You Go To Disneyland

5 Things To Buy Before You Go To Disney Land

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My daughter and I went to Disneyland Paris back in 2013 and while it was a wonderful experience,  I came away with lots of ideas on what I would buy in advance on our next visit to save money. 

Today I’m sharing five items to buy before you go to Disney Land so you can save your spending money for something exciting such as meeting characters 

disney land

Autograph Book and Pen

One of the most exciting parts of going to Disney Land can be getting to meet the characters. Not only do you see princesses and characters during the daily parade, you can meet many exciting characters around the grounds. 

When we went to Disneyland there were autograph books and pens in store to buy. These were not exactly cheap and so I’d recommend finding a hard back style notebook from a shop such as pound land and possibly buying a packet of Disney stickers to make the book look great. This can be just as fun but a much cheaper option.

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Minnie Mouse Ears

When we went to Disneyland lots of kids were wearing headbands with Minnie mouse ears. These looked really fun however they cost almost 5 times what you would pay back home. You can get a cheap Minnie Mouse headband from local shops or a supermarket. Asda and Tesco often do Minnie items in the girls section and they are much more affordable.

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Disney Drink Bottle 

You can pick up a Disney themed drink bottle from your local pound land and give it to your child once your on holiday. This is another great way to make a saving and make the holiday special when you may not have cash to splash about on Disney items in store.

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Children’s Disney Costume

We took our own Disney Costumes which I picked up at a car boot sale a few months before our holiday. You could buy one from Asda for around £10 or search on eBay for second hand costumes, if you want a different one each day. Alternatively you could borrow from friends for the duration of the trip. Costumes are fun to wear and they cost about thirty Euros at Disney Land Paris. 

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A Disney Soft Toy or Doll

The stores in Disney Land are full of soft toys, dolls and fun characters. These are again around 3 times the cost of buying from the Disney store back home and could easily be picked up at a local shop for a good price. 

Saving money by purchasing items in advance can make the holiday fun and exciting. Your kids will feel special getting nice gifts to use and this will allow them to use any money they do have on something else which they might not have picked up at home. 

Making a saving on the above might mean you can afford to splash out on dining with the Disney princesses or may just make the holiday more affordable and interesting. I hope you like my tips. 

Do you have any tips for buying items before going to Disneyland? I’d love to here them? 

Angela x

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Here are 5 Things To Buy Before You Go To Disneyland


  1. I’m so jealous, I want to take my nboys to disney land so so bad! I imagine the disney costumes are obligatory haha. The drinking canteen is really cool too and such a good price” x

  2. This is such a great list, I imagine all of these items are so expensive if you want to buy them there! My goodness, I want to go to Disney Land!!! xx

  3. I’ve never been to Disney Land but all of these ideas sound really sensible. My daughter is just being introduced to some of the movies so it’s certainly I’d like to do with my kids in years to come.

  4. I’m almost 25 and have still never been to Disneyland! It’s definitely a place I want to go, although I think I would prefer the one in America, from what I’ve heard Paris charges anyone who is not from France triple the price of a normal entry. Hope you had a lovely time And thanks for the great tips Xxx

    1. Yep I went for the first time at about age 27. I dont think they overcharge people though at paris…. its a normal price and they give locals a discount which is fair enough. it is fun though and i will return to disneyland paris.

    1. I know… It was something I dreamed of as a child and knew i’d never do so i took my child and she was very young so id love to take her as an older kids too!

  5. OMG Thank you for sharing this! We are trying to save to take our 3 year old son in the next year or 2 and wouldn’t have thought to do this, its obvious when you think about it but with so much to do before you go away I guess its pushed to back of your mind

    1. I hope this helps. Yes I’d love to take Sylvia again one day. It’s been 3 years now and you do forget to think of the things you might need when preparing and saving. Hope this list is useful to you! Enjoy Disney Land

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