3 Super Modern Cities to Visit Around the World

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When people think of cities, they often imagine a dense place, has tall buildings and few green spaces. While this might be the case for some modern cities, many places around the world are easier on the eyes and more accessible and friendly to visitors.

These cities offer an urban experience without sacrificing nature or community. They have repurposed historical buildings for businesses and residences, preserved old architecture alongside new construction, and maintained public spaces that foster social interaction. In other words: These are not your average cities. 

Read on for the 3 super modern cities you should visit.


Dubai is a city that has been undergoing massive growth in recent years. It has become a hub for the Middle East and is now home to many of the region’s richest and most powerful people, including businessmen.

This new wealth has come at the cost of Dubai’s natural beauty, which was once its most notable asset.

With careful planning and investment, this city can still enjoy full force while preserving its natural resources. Visitors will find Dubai exciting, especially if they enjoy experiencing new cultures and learning about history through architecture.

They also get to see the amazing architecture and breathtaking skyscrapers. Dubai is in fact famous for testing the limits and will soon be home to yet another mega skyscraper, the Dubai Creek Tower designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, this will be the tallest building in Dubai.


Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is a city that has grown rapidly in recent years and is one of the most modern and ambitious cities in the world.

It is home to many global businesses, including Samsung, LG, and SK, which have all built factories in Seoul.

However, this growth has not come at the expense of Seoul’s natural beauty. Instead, it has made Seoul an even more beautiful place to visit! The city’s architecture has been influenced by its history, culture, and booming economy.

You can enjoy everything about Seoul without sacrificing modernity. Seoul is also an important cultural center for Korea, so visitors will have plenty of opportunities to learn about Korean history, culture, and language. 


Hong Kong is a former British colony that has developed into a major financial center. It is a city that never sleeps, with many businesses working around the clock.

It has also become a place of modern luxury, especially in the high-end residential areas of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Some of the places you will enjoy include Tian Tan Buddha, Victoria Peak, Star Ferry, Ngong Ping 360, and the unique Lantau Island. Don’t forget to carry your camera so you can capture good memories.

Besides its beauty and modernity, its history is also important, as it was one of the first places in Asia to be colonized by Great Britain, and it continues to be a place where the East meets the West.

Have you had a chance to visit a cool and modern city? Well, let us hear about your experience and what you loved most when visiting these cities. 

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