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Sarah Griggs Convict in Australia

sarzh griggs

I wanted to share the story of Sarah Griggs an ancestor of mine who went through many trials and who I look up to for strength and courage as I go through my own difficulties.

Sarah Griggs was born on the 18th December 1772 and christened 24th January 1773 in Dover Kent. It is said that she was arrested for stealing a speckled apron from her employer and convicted in the Sandwich Kent magistrates on 13th October 1778.

Sarah departed England onboard the Neptune on 19th January 1790 arriving in Botany Bay, Sydney Australia on 27th June 1790. She was then sent directly to Norfolk Island along with a number of other convicts.

Sarah’s Parents were John Griggs and Sarah Bailey. John was born on the 24th January 1739 in Dover Kent and Christened 24th June 1739. He died when Sarah was only 10 years old on 4th may 1783. Sarah Bailey was born in Shadowhirst Kent on the 4th March 1743. Sarah had 4 Sisters who were all born in Dover Kent. The eldest two Catherine and Elizabeth were both christened in 1765. The other two sisters were Anne Griggs born 1770 and Susanna Griggs 1773.

Sarah Griggs Grandparents were John Griggs and Mary Scoates, they both died before Sarah was ever born. John Griggs was born in Dover Kent 1739-1783. Mary Scoates of Dover Kent 1706-1760 Sarah’s Great Grandparents were John Griggs 1676-5 dec 1761, wife Elizabeth Hixon 1688- 8 sep 1747. Both from Dover Kent. Also William Scoates born 1675 st Johns Kent and Elizabeth Newton born 1675 Thanet, Kent.

Sarah had a illegitamate daughter named Sarah Griggs to Lieutenant John Townson on Norfolk Island. This daughter Sarah married a Joseph Wright, son of Joseph Wright, a convict who travelled on the same voyage as Sarah Griggs Senior for stealing a basket of lead.

Sarah Griggs had two more children to a man named Lieutenant James Hunt Lucas. Her only son was named James Hunt Lucas after his father .The daughter, Mary Anne Griggs born in Australia married a Charles Flutey or Fluerty. Charles was said to be a conman, a drunk, a wife basher amongst other things. Charles was a native of France and had been court marshalled and placed on the Hulk before being transported to Australia with a life sentence. 

They had four children in Australia. Charles, Mary, Elizabeth and John Flutey.

John Flutey married Mutu Merehana Puha, from the Ngai Tahu tribe. She was laid to rest in a cave in Greymouth New Zealand after passing away giving birth to her youngest child. Merehana’s parents were Tutemakahu and Hine Te Wai of Ngai Tahu. (I will be writing about Merehana Puha and her family separatley in the future).

I am a descendent of Sarah Griggs, whose daughter was Mary Anne Griggs, whose son was John Flutey, Whose son was George Flutey, Whose son was Alfred Flutey, Whose daughter was Doreen Flutey, Whose daughter was Eileen Rae Barlow, Whose daughter was Sharon Bottoms, Whose daughter is me Angela Milnes.