Types of Upholstery Fabric for Boats

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Premium and durable upholstery fabrics are essential to maintain the shine of your boat. Retain its value by choosing the right fabric. Aside from ensuring that your boat’s exterior furniture is made with materials sourced from the best composite material suppliers, premium and durable upholstery fabrics are essential to maintain the shine of your boat. Retain its value by choosing the right fabric. While enjoying the boat on a sunny and windy day sounds like a lot of fun, it does come with some disadvantages. Water stains and dirt are some factors that can ruin the boat. Although such factors are unavoidable, you can surely invest in a fabric that is easy to clean, UV resistant and mold resistant so it lasts long. There are a lot of options when it comes to upholstery fabric. To help you, we have come up with the most popular types of fabrics: 

Upholstery Fabric For Boats


Vinyl is an incredible option for marine upholstery. The best thing about this fabric is that you can easily repair it if the fabric begins to wear off. Therefore, there is no need to replace the entire upholstery. Vinyl repair kits are readily available in the market and arrive in several colours as well as thicknesses. Vinyl repels moisture which is the ultimate motive of upholstery. Also, it is an affordable choice that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. 


Laminated fabrics like acrylic are the next option on this list. These fabrics are waterproof and do not wear off easily. Not only this but they are also resistant to flames and friction, both of which are necessary things for a boat. Some acrylic fabrics are antibacterial and antistatic which adds to the integrity of the upholstery. It has good resistance to Sun and looks just like a canvas. Moreover, this type of upholstery fabric is inexpensive so it will not hurt your pockets. 

Heavy-duty canvas 

What we love the most about this fabric is that it is breathable. It does not absorb the heat, rather it lets it pass making the seating cooler and comfortable. Additionally, this woven fabric is quick-drying and probably the quickest to dry among other fabrics. Apart from repelling moisture, it can deal with UV rays and mould too. If you are looking for durable and long-lasting fabric, the heavy-duty canvas is a perfect choice. 

Final Words 

From mesh fabric to leather, there are several options for upholstery for the boats. Vinyl, laminate and heavy-duty canvas are our top choices as they score full marks in every department. If you want to get your hands on the best upholstery fabric then you can visit to the official website of Ultrafabrics without any doubt. 

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