4 Tips to Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time

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Finding the right screen time balance for your little ones can be challenging, and research indicates that nearly half of parents have struggled at some point to control their children’s screen time.

Of course, not all screen time is bad for our kids, and if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s the value of online resources. 

However, there’s also too much of a good thing, and when our children are glued to their devices, they can miss out on the incredible things the world around them has to offer.

If you’re looking to reduce your children’s screen time, here are four things you can do with them that will get them participating in other activities, and weather permitting, out of the house. 

Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time

Get Them Interested in a Sport

Getting your little ones interested in a sport and signed up to their local kids’ team is a great way to not only keep them active and burn off excess energy but gives them a valuable opportunity to hone their social and teamwork skills as well.

From football to gymnastics, cricket to tennis, there are all kinds of activities that offer classes for kids.

The only downside to this is you might have to spend your Saturday Morning standing in the rain! 

Take Them to the Library 

The library is a fantastic way to get your children interested in reading, and in the age of the Kindle, supporting our local libraries is essential.

Get your children set up with their own library card and let them choose some books to take home. Through the government website, you’ll be directed to your local authority for information on your nearest library location. 

There’s a story for everyone out there, and if your child doesn’t know what they like yet, then a library is best way for them to discover it… otherwise you could end up spending a fortune on books they don’t end up reading. 

Encourage Outdoor Play

Encouraging your children to play outside on a nice day is a great way to keep them off their screens. 

Whether they run around your garden, or you take them to the local park, they’ll get to experience the fun the world around them has to offer.

And, if you’re looking to get them active, then a kid’s scooter or bike, such as those supplied by Yvolve, are the perfect solution to active play. When they’ve got an outdoor toy that they love, you’ll find it a lot easier to keep them off their screens without the tears and tantrums. 

Lead By Example 

Our children learn from us, and if they see us glued to our screens, they will be too. Now of course, if we have a job that requires us to be in front of our laptops, then there isn’t much we can do about that. 

However, studies show that the average adult spends six non work-related hours a day on their phones.

 So, start leading by example, put the devices down, and spend some time offline.

Share your screen time reducing tips in the comments below!

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