Monkey See Monkey Do Kids Counting Game

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Monkey See Monkey Do Free Kids Counting Printable

Today on the blog we are sharing kids counting game called Monkey see Monkey do. This is a free counting printable which is aimed to get kids adding and doing basic maths.

Teaching maths and basic counting skills to young children are super important. In fact, teaching kids to count to 10 is one thing you can do to help prepare them for preschool and kindergarten. 

the older your child gets the more they can learn and using dice to count is just one of the fun ways to include maths is play.

Why not try out some dice-based games with the kids? I am sure they will do super well and go down a treat!

monkey counting game

How to Play This Monkey Counting Game

Here are your Monkey see Monkey do instructions. 

  • All you need is to print off the free downloadable, find two dice and some counters.
  • Roll the dice, count the spots and cover the correct number.
  • The first to cover their card is the winner.

I really hope you like this cool counting printable and enjoy using this with your child. I tried to make something that many children will enjoy and it’s simple and easy enough to print off. My daughter loved it and I’m sure your child will too! 

Angela x

kids free printable game

More Preschool Monkey Activities

Looking for more Monkey themed ideas! Why not try making this monkey puppet? It’s super fun and comes with a free monkey template! 


We also have this fantastic and fun Cheeky Monkeys Orchard Toy review. This is another fun kids counting game and really well priced too! We love Orchard games and this is one my daughter enjoys! 

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  1. Aww this awesome and I am loving it. I will be downloading this for my little Witches. Thank you!!

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