9 Paparazzi Tricks Celebrities Use to Avoid Getting Photographed

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Being famous requires extra effort beyond the call of duty. It’s a lot like playing hide-and-seek with photographers. Simply put, celebrities are just regular people who happen to be famous. The paparazzi will stop at nothing to get the picture of a lifetime. So, here are 9 paparazzi tricks celebrities use to avoid getting photographed.

Paparazzi Tricks That Celebrities Use

Most famous people don’t mind taking pictures or signing autographs since they relish the attention. However, some people become sick of all the attention and resort to evading the paparazzi. They want some alone time because the continual scrutiny and monitoring are getting old.

For celebrities, privacy is paramount. They come up with ingenious solutions to avoid being filmed. Some options include pastries, tissue paper, tree cover, and coats. At mamamia, their honesty is refreshing. Uncompromising in its truthfulness. And tell the complete truth about being a woman, in all its forms.

Find out how celebrities avoid the prying eyes of paparazzi by reading on.

1. Location

Korean celebrities often travel overseas when they want to let loose and have a good time. After all, there aren’t that many entertainment publications with the budget to send their correspondents on flights to different parts of the world to track down their favorite celebs.

Additionally, Korean celebs date when they are in the country while traveling from one location to another. When actors Lee Min Ho and Suzy were dating, their typical date would consist of simply driving about and avoiding the press to keep their whereabouts secret. In addition, they use the elevators reserved for the hotel personnel rather than the standard lifts used by the general public.

2. Going on Dates in Groups

Some actors and actresses have gone the extra mile to conceal their dating lives by attending events with multiple people. There is also the possibility that the couple will employ code names for one another to throw off their pursuers.

3. Anti-paparazzi Apparel

Paul McCartney’s DJ, Chris Holmes, designed a pair of apparel that reflects camera lights and makes it impossible for the paparazzi to take shots of the wearer.

A hoodie jacket, a shawl, and blazers are included in this collection. Although they appear to be ordinary items of clothing to the untrained eye, they transform into mirrors when exposed to the light of a flash camera. The fact that Holmes could not get the publicity photos he wanted because of the luminous clothes he wore to concerts served as the impetus for him to design it.

4. Get Them to Focus On Anything Else

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield concluded that they should try to make the most of their predicament. On other occasions, they have been captured on camera holding signs that provide information about various philanthropic initiatives. If you are going to be filmed, you might as well help raise awareness for some deserving causes, right?

5. Always Dress in the Same Thing

Katy Perry employed this strategy to annoy the paparazzi. If she always seems the same in the photographs, it will be impossible for anybody to determine when they were shot. So, the photographs will fail to garner any interest.

6. Covering Their Face With Their Hands

Justin Bieber covers his face with cushions, Ashley Tinsdale and Amanda Bynes use their dogs, while Asian celebs cover their faces with sweatshirts, coats, and surgical masks. And on a completely separate note, Will Smith’s son Jaden wore an Iron Man mask, complete with the rest of the costume.

7. Expose Them to the Evidence in Front of Them

If a paparazzi has snapped images of you in an unpleasant situation, the remedy is for you to share them yourself. Because of this, their evidence is not credible. There are enough options available for every celebrity. 

Celebrities become renowned due to the publicity, but with that fame comes a great deal of expectation from the general public, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. Because of this, a celebrity will go above and above to maintain the appearance of a normal life, even if it means carrying a blanket. Several different strategies can be utilized, each of which is highly effective in misleading the paparazzi.

8. Deliver a Message to the Paparazzi Before They Leave

The paparazzi should stop covering the lifestyles of celebrities and instead focus their attention on important news stories. During the demonstrations in Egypt, Benedict Cumberbatch sent a message to the paparazzi offering himself as a shield. 

He was seen wearing a piece of paper that indicated they would travel to Egypt and demonstrate something significant to the rest of the world. Celebrities can use such messages to promote peace; perhaps several celebrities should model their behavior after Benedict XVI.

9. Employing a Stand-in or Body Double

Some famous people cannot deal with the pressures of their status, so they rely on others to speak in their stead. People that are anxious search for additional guests to attend their gatherings. In addition, some celebrities need to conceal their identities from the public by employing look-alikes or body doubles.

Body duplicates are responsible for interacting with fans and performing other grubby tasks, such as standing in as a replacement on set. They go through all this while keeping their fingers crossed that no one notices. Britney Spears had a double body created so fans wouldn’t focus on her. When Shakira began receiving threats against her life, she decided to hire one. 

Russell Crowe has no intention of inviting the media to his wedding. On the other hand, Michael Jackson used body duplicates to maintain his privacy. It’s a standard operating procedure.


Without privacy, your private life would be subject to public, which could result in shame, anger, and other negative outcomes. Privacy threats put individuals at risk and make them easy targets for criminals. Celebrities, like everybody else, have a right to their privacy and shouldn’t have to sacrifice it.


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