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Are you looking for decluttering tips for the home? If so you’re in the right place. The one thing I do not love is clutter. 

I’ve always found a clutter free home and having a clear space much more peaceful and therapeutic. In fact my mum remembers me decluttering as a child often. 

I’ve always love a peaceful home and interior. That’s one thing that makes me who I am. 

30 Day Declutter Challenge

*This is a collaborative post*

Decluttering Tips For The Home

I remember decluttering too. I would gather all my items, find places for them or collect them up for my dad to sell at the local car boot sale. 

At 36 I guess I have become pretty expert at the decluttering process and today I am sharing 10 Decluttering tips to help make your home clutter free and ready for your next house move. 

Tip One: The Reassignment Box

In our home we have a reassignment box. Each day I spend a few minutes upstairs. If there is anything in the rooms that does not belong, I pop it into the reassignment box at the top of the stair and then slowly work through it. 

Yes the box is often full, however it helps remove clutter from the bedrooms which does not belong. Having a peaceful bedroom especially when I am unwell a lot is super important and so the reassignment box method works well for me. 

declutter tips for the home

Tip Two: Declutter One Area At A Time

When planning to move house two years ago, I really wanted to declutter the home well. I didn’t want to take items to the new home that were unneeded or items that would simply take up space. 

Preparing a whole house for moving can be so overwhelming and so I began decluttering well in advance and worked on one area at a time. 

Working through the house in manageable chunks is always my recommended way and it can make packing and end of tenancy cleaning so much easier and less stressful during a house move. 

Tip Three: Be Realistic When Decluttering

Some people tend to be hoarders when others go for a minimalistic approach. Whilst I admire Marie Kondo and her methods, I don’t agree with everything she teaches. 

I don’t think it’s good to throw or give things away immediately. Whilst some people promote this method, I find creating a box of items I no longer want or need and popping it out of sight works well for me. 

I can then revisit the box and if I still feel the same way about the items I will send them to charity or pass them on. However the reality is if we are rash to send an item away, we may regret it and wish we hadn’t done later on. We need to be realistic about this. 

I’ve also had times where I have revisited a box and changed my mind about an item and felt grateful I never threw it away.

Tip Four: Declutter And Recycle The Junk.

Whilst there are quality items we can hold on to, there is also junk that can be thrown out and recycled straight away. 

For me recycling is really important. I love the phrase, 

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”

That’s my motto. If something can be recycled, sent to charity, passed on or reused then why not. 

declutter tips for the home

Tip Five: Declutter As A Team

Whilst decluttering can be therapeutic and is something I enjoy doing regular on my own, it’s also a great thing to do with others. 

It can be much more fun decluttering with a family member. Chatting while you sort and organise is a great way to spend time together, whether it’s your partner, a parent, sibling or child. 

I have fun decluttering with my daughter and husband, depending on the area I’m working on. It’s a good way to get the home more organised and if you’re planning to move home in future, a great way to prepare. 

I recently decluttered the Kitchen and pantry with the help of my husband and it was nice to spend time together doing soething different. 

More House Cleaning Tips

When cleaning your home in general you may find the following tips useful. 

  • Set your own standard. Ask yourself what is your normal and your standard.
  • Decide which rooms matter most and work on those first. 
  • Evaluate your time and plan accordingly. 
  • Adopt some kind of daily routine to keep on top of small tasks. 
  • Set your schedule and stick to it. If you miss a day pick back up where you left off. 
  • Stick with it but be flexible. You’re not going to have the perfect home and flexibility is important especially on sick days or when you are extra busy as a family. 

declutter tips for the home

30 Day Declutter Challenge

So, if you’re ready to tackle the clutter and make a start of cleaning and preparing your home for your next move, or for a more peaceful environment, then here is a free printable challenge you may love!


Download Your 30 day declutter challenge here.


30 Day Declutter Challenge