Why Kids’ Beds Are Key To Establishing A Bedtime Routine

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If your toddler or child is having trouble falling asleep, you will need to invest time and energy into their bedtime routine. Whether it be serving warm milk and honey before 7 pm to promote a restful night’s sleep or reading fairytales in bed, a quality bedtime routine is essential when it comes to sleep quality. But what most parents underestimate is the power of a quality kids’ bed. From treehouse bunk beds to a comfortable divan, let’s delve into the world of kids’ beds

Kids beds - key to a good bedtime routine

Why Most Children Have Trouble Falling Asleep 

A child’s mind is not yet fully developed, and this can lead to trouble falling asleep. From bad dreams to waking up before sunrise, trouble falling asleep is no laughing matter. But children need quality sleep to thrive and play. A tired and irritable kid is certainly no fun for parents either. But what causes children to fear going to bed or find it challenging to drift off to sleep? 

1: Overstimulation Before Bedtime: In this iPad age, children often face overstimulation from electronic devices like tablets and smartphones. The blue light emitted from tablet and iPad screens can disrupt the natural production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep, making it harder for children to fall asleep.

2: Lack of Physical Activity: With the increase in sedentary lifestyles, many children do not engage in enough physical activity during the day. This lack of exercise can make it challenging for them to settle down and fall asleep.

3: Inconsistent Sleep Schedules: Irregular bedtime routines can confuse a child’s internal clock. When a child goes to bed at varying times each night, their body struggles to adopt a consistent sleep-wake cycle, leading to difficulties in falling asleep.

4: Environmental Factors: A bedroom that is too hot, too cold, too noisy, or too bright can be unconducive to sleep. 

5: Emotional Stress or Anxiety: Whether it’s due to school pressures, family issues, or other worries, emotional disturbances can prevent a child from falling asleep easily.

Kids beds - key to a good bedtime routine

Kids Beds Provide Security & Stability 

While many children find darkness a trigger for anxiety and stress, it’s often their kids’ bed where they seek safety and security from any monsters hiding in the closet. So, if they’re having trouble sleeping on their own, investing in a new bed and perhaps one that offers more security, such as a treehouse bed that feels like a mini home, can ease their anxiety. 

A Bedtime Routine Helps Calm Racing Thoughts 

Children need a routine to feel safe. This predictable pattern helps them to understand when it’s time to wind down for the night and climb into bed. Without a reliable bedtime routine, children can start to feel insecure, never knowing when they should hit the hay. You can check out bunkbeds.co.uk for some great beds to help the little ones settle down at night.

Kids Beds Empower Children

By investing in a kids’ bed, a child can also take ownership of their own space and bedtime routine. They will see the kids’ bed as their own private sleeping space, which they can decorate as they wish and help choose bedding and pillows to make it extra cosy. 

By getting your child involved in the process of choosing a kids’ bed and selecting bedding and soft furnishings, they will start to feel more connected to their bedroom. This in itself can quickly ease any feelings of stress or anxiety about spending time in their bedroom. Being surrounded by their favourite soft toys, colour and fabrics gives warmth and comfort to the room and makes drifting off to sleep easier than ever.

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