Why Investing in a Crossbody Bag Is the Best Things Mums Can Do

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Most women already find themselves with the challenge of what they can fit into their handbag at one point or another, but this has a whole other level to it once a mum. Crossbody bags are the ideal handbag style for mums (and for many who are not mums) and finding the perfect one for you and your needs is essential. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a crossbody and choosing the perfect one: 

Invest in quality 

A handbag of lower quality will really show wear and tear and quickly deteriorate after consistent use. So when you are shopping for your crossbody bag, it is recommended to invest in quality so that your bag withstands consistent use over time. The best material is definitely leather: if maintained well, it will last a very long time and it will become even more beautiful. You can shop gorgeous and high quality leather Italian crossbody bags on websites such as Mirta, an online shop that carries the best artisanal handmade goods.  


All mums know that messes are inevitable, and having to put your bag down while tending your kid means that your handbag may be set on the ground or have something spilled on it (rather often, too!) 

This means that material of your crossbody bag is incredibly important, especially when keeping in mind what your intended use for your bag is. 

Luckily crossbody bags come in many types of materials, such as leather, fabric, nylon, etc. 

For example, if you want a new bag that you can take to the park and the beach and not worry about your bag getting ruined, a fabric bag probably is not your best bet. 

One of the most popular materials for crossbody bags is leather, as a high-quality leather crossbody can withstand a lot in mum life.  You can find beautiful Italian crossbody bags available on websites like Mirta that are stylish and high-quality. 


Pockets are a must-have in a crossbody bag. With so much to carry, at the very least a separate pocket gives you a protected spot to keep essentials such as your phone, wallet and keys. 

Compartment Space

Not only do we have to carry our own individual items, but we have to carry items for our children as well! This means that compartment space is essential to carry what we need during our days. Many handbags don’t have bulky items such as bottles and kids entertainment in mind, but a crossbody bag offers more space and if you keep compartment space in mind you can find one that is the right size for you. 


An uncomfortable strap will make any handbag a ‘no’ rather quickly. Comfortable straps on your crossbody is a make it or break it factor to consider, especially because mums tend to carry heavy handbags. Check the material of the straps as well as details such as a chain strap that could dig into your shoulder. This is a part of your crossbody bag where function and comfortability definitely outweighs form.  

With a crossbody bag mums can have it all: a practical bag without giving up on style. 

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