Getting Exterior Wall Insulation With Insulmax

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Making the home healthy and warm is super important for keeping you and your family healthy. This week, we had exterior wall insulation installed on our property using the Insulmax Exterior Wall System. Today I’ll be sharing our experience of putting insulation into the home in New Zealand with Insulmax. Adding insulation to the home is a great way to promote energy efficiency and I was impressed with the installation method we chose. Why Insulate The Home?

Getting Exterior Wall Insulation With Insulmax

Insulating your home is a great way to help reduce energy costs and improve the overall efficiency of your home. This will also keep your family comfortable throughout the year, no matter what season it is. Furthermore, insulated homes are more eco-friendly as they require less heating or cooling power – this means you’ll be using fewer fossil fuels.

Outside Wall Insulation Keeps Heat In

Insulation is a great way to keep the warm air in the home during the winter months and helps keep the cool air in during summer. It creates a barrier between your home and the elements, making sure that you’re always comfortable inside.

What Is Insulmax Insulation? Best Insulation for Exterior Walls

Insulmax Exterior Wall Insulation is a high-performance insulation product made from mineral fibre that is made from recycled glass. This makes it highly durable, safe, and long-lasting.

Insulmax for Exterruirt Wall Insulation

Insulmax Insulation is specifically designed for exterior walls, providing superior thermal performance while still allowing airflow. It’s also easy to install and can be applied directly onto existing brick, concrete block, or wood frame buildings.

What Kind of Insulation Is This?

Well, our home had socks and a hat, which is underfloor insulation and roof installation, it just needed a coat to wrap around it, which is the continuous insulation you get from external wall insulation.

Insulmax Glass and Wool Insulation

We chose the Insulmax Insulation as it was a great option for our exterior walls. This type of insulation is unique. It can be easily blown into exterior walls, making installation fast and easy. The whole house for us was insulated in half a day and then the brick mortar was refilled by the afternoon.

What Kind Insulation Is Insulmax?

Insulamax is a loose-fill insulation that is made of recycled glass and mineral fibre. It has been designed to provide excellent thermal performance while still allowing for adequate airflow.

Is Insulmax Fire Resistant?

Yes, this fire-resistance insulation can be applied directly onto existing brick, concrete block, or wood frame buildings making it an ideal choice for existing exterior walls.

No need for spray foam insulation or closed cell foam! You don’t even need to remove the existing cladding to expose the wall cavities or brick wall.

Get Cavity Wall Insulation Today!

The cavity walls can be filled with rigid insulation and this method to insulate exterior walls is getting more and more popular around the world and in New Zealand.

The Installation Process With Insulmax Exterior Wall Insulation

The installation process with Insulmax was straightforward. The Insulmax operator drilled holes into the walls of our home, into each cavity and air space and then used an air compressor to evenly distribute the insulation throughout the walls, creating a barrier between the home and the outside elements.

After insulating exterior walls, the Insulmax team refill the holes with the necessary materials such as brick mortar and then waterproofs the holes to provide added protection.

Is It Better to Insulate Walls From Outside or Inside?

When I first looked into getting Insulation for my New Zealand home, I got a quote for my bedroom which had a mould and damp problem. To add installation internally, we would need to remove the gib board, add the installation, re-gib, plaster and paint. The quote for one room was over $7500 New Zealand Dollars!

Exterior Wall Insulation Is Cheaper Than Internal Insulation

7 grand is a lot of money to spend on adding installation to just one room and so I began looking into the option of outside insulation which turned out to be way, way cheaper and just as effective for keeping the home warm.

The Cost of Insulmax in New Zealand (Dunedin)

The quote for the Insulmax insulation for the whole house – which is around 90 square feet was the same as the quote for one room internally! Now that’s bonkers! Between $7-8 Grand.

Our Experience With Insulmax Exterior Wall System

We chose to go with Insulmax as they provide quality insulation for both residential and commercial properties. The system is designed to be easily installed in one day.

The installation process was fairly simple. Completed in one day and insulating walls has never been as stress-free.

Do You Have to Get a Building Permit for External Wall Insulation?

Before the installation process, you will need to get permission from the local council in New Zealand for the insulation installation to take place. For us, it was pretty simple and Insulmax took care of the paperwork for us. The council needs to ensure code compliance and a permit protects the structural integrity of your home and existing walls ensuring the work completed is up to standard!

Is Insulamax Worth It?

Insulmax provided us with a quality insulation system that has made our home warm and comfortable for the whole family. I could feel the heat in the home as soon as the insulation had been completed. My bedroom was no longer freezing. When I woke in the morning I could still feel the warmth from the room whereas before the air was cold and damp.

Get Insulmax Today!

The Insulmax Exterior wall insulation was certainly worth it for my home. It will help keep our heating costs and cooling costs down long-term and keep the family healthy and toasty warm in the winter months. To find out more about Insulmax and how you can reduce your carbon footprint visit the Insulmax website here!

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