Brio Central Train Station Review

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As a child, I loved Brio Train tracks. They played a large role in my early years at home and at Nursery school and my mum has had Brio train tracks in the home for the past 30 years. In fact, my mum was so excited as was I when she heard I was reviewing the Brio Central Train Station. Mum saved all her Brio tracks for the grandkids and now I’m building our own collection it’s kind of exciting.

Brio Central Train Station

Brio train tracks are not just for little boys. Girls love Brio too, including my daughter Sylvia and her friends who visit. In fact, Sylvia has a small collection of Brio train tracks and it is currently under her bed as part of a huge play area she has created. I think it looks pretty awesome.

The Brio Central Train Station is a large item to add your your train track collection. The station is made for children over three years and comes with a small character. The Train station is a fun place for your trains to stop and pick up passengers.

Having the Brio Central Train Station is fab as it has several entrances and exits, a place to buy tickets and a clock to tell passengers the time. The Brio station is green with wooden pillars and a lovely white archway.

At the moment when my daughter’s friends come to play they ask to play with the train tracks. I was quite surprised as these are primary school aged kids but it just goes to show how popular Brio tracks are. Age has no limits really.

The Brio Central Train station piece can be added to your collection for around £29 and is a great addition to any train track collection.


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