7 Best Home Decor Services for You

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Have you ever dreamed of turning your home into a picture-perfect space that is completely your own but then found yourself overwhelmed by where to begin? This is where home decor services can help. You can think of them as your fairy godmothers for home design, making the whole process smooth and magical. These services handle everything – from planning and buying to managing the entire project, ensuring that your home becomes the dreamy oasis you’ve always envisioned.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new home, giving your existing space a fresh look, or transforming an old house into something new, these interior designers are here to guide you every step of the way. So, if you’re ready to embark on this journey, keep reading to discover how these services can transform your living space into a true reflection of you.

Home Decor Services For You

Ceterra Interior Design:

Ceterra Interior Design has proven experience and expertise in turning your living area into a chic and trendy space that captures your unique personality and way of life. Their staff is passionate about designing interiors that are exquisite, practical, and elegant, going above and beyond your expectations. Its opulent Scottsdale, Arizona showroom offers a wide range of home décor options, and visitors can consult with a sales associate for a personalized shopping experience. From bespoke floral layouts and customized furniture to its high-end accessories and more, Ceterra has earned a reputation for its diverse offerings and impeccable home decor services. In order to create a unified and fashionable atmosphere, its team of experts from the design firm Katherine Mueller Design will expertly arrange and install home accessories as well.


Decorilla differs from other home decor services; here, you are not limited to a single designer design. There’s also no obligation to purchase every item the designer suggests, but the tailored shopping lists make picking and selecting what you like simple. At first, Decorilla provides three design options, with prices based on the scope of your project. Prices of a living room remodel range from $699 to $1549. It’s worth mentioning that all packages include the same deliverables: two design concepts to examine and a realistic 3D model. Decorilla provides email and call service and a floor plan with furniture arrangement.


Havenly distinguishes itself by providing individual service that is cost-conscious. The firm provides two reasonable options that allow you to choose the interior designer you wish to collaborate with and several modifications in case the initial design fails to impress you. Those who are looking to refresh or transform one of their rooms can choose the mini plan, which is priced at $99. The mini plan also includes product recommendations such as furniture and carpets. Those seeking a complete makeover can get a Havenly full package for $159. You will get a personalized plan and 3D photos of your newly decorated home, plus a personal shopping list in the full package.


You’ll receive a curated package of recommendations from roomLift based on your questionnaire and any specific visual assets you supply to the company’s design team. A full-room design package includes a scaled floor plan, specimens, and equipment for $1,250, whereas an accessories-only option is priced at $650. An online meeting with a Roomlift designer is also available for $100.


Stucco is well-known for its digital real estate presentation skills and quick response (usually 12 to 24 hours). Yet, the business’s lesser-known interior design services are highly regarded. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your requirements; Stucco will match you with three of its skilled designers, from which you will select one. Following that, you communicate with your designer directly through phone and email. In 14 days, you will receive design thoughts, a final 3D design, a furniture arrangement, a shopping list, and design instructions. You can select a minimalist design as per your taste.

The Expert:

Thanks to The Expert, you can get a one-on-one video consultation with some of the industry’s top names for less than half of what their products and services would normally cost. This is a terrific choice for homeowners who have a room layout or design in mind but need assistance. The Expert is different from the other organizations as it provides advice rather than deliverables; therefore, you will not receive space drawings or fabric swatches. Consultations typically run for 55 minutes, while some designers offer cheaper 25-minute sessions. Nonetheless, these discussions aren’t cheap: Prices begin at $450, but placing a call to a person like Bobby Berk costs $2000.

Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily provides a complimentary design service to in-store and online consumers. Its design services comprise room refreshes, whole-room redo, whole-home refreshes, and outdoor updates. Fill out the business’s online form and submit images of your room or inspiration photos, and a designer will contact you through phone, email, or video chat. Its design consultants will present mood boards, room plans, fabric, and color samples before assisting you in making a purchase. Advisors will assist you in setting up your room to specification once your furniture and decor items arrive.

Whether you like the plethora of choices from various designers offered by Decorilla, the personal touch from Havenly, or the expert help from Ceterra Interior Design, these services have everything you need. They give you shopping ideas, show you 3D models, and even let you talk to experts. Just start exploring, find the service that fits you best, and soon, you’ll see your dream home coming to life. Happy decorating!

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