A Life Travel Experience in Australia

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Ever since the first humans arrived there, either crossing the Sunda Sea in primitive rafts or on foot from New Guinea through the Torres Strait, which was not yet covered by Pacific waters, Australia has not stopped as a hospitable land for the persecuted. In a world atlas of 1798, Captain Cook, who had only recently taken it in the name of the English Crown, named it Nuova Hollanda.

However, exploring its interior and its first mapping will not take place until the beginning of the 19th century. A new world is being added to the already known world. A world that quickly becomes a significant player in the socio-political life of the planet.

Today, Australia and Tasmania enjoy a relatively high standard of living. The modern cities of Aussie combined with the unique nature and the very rare fauna and flora are an attraction for visitors who travel to the earth’s ends to enjoy it. Are you ready to live a unique travel experience that will be unforgettable?

Travelling to Perth

Arriving in Perth, which is the metropolis of Western Australia and which took its name from the homonymous city of Scotland since the first pioneer immigrants came from there. You can take an afternoon walk, where it will be your first actual contact with a modern city, with an unmistakable cosmopolitan aroma, whose lack of historical background is balanced by the open-hearted character of its inhabitants.

The next day starts from the city center with Kings Park hosting the city’s Botanic Gardens, the shores of Lake Montserrat, the public buildings with Parliament, and City Hall dominating with their strict Victorian colonial rhythm.

Your arrival is accompanied by a visit to Monument Hill, where you will enjoy the panoramic view of the city as well as the bustling fishing port with all kinds of catches from the Pacific Ocean.

You can then approach the Swan River Quay, where you can board a special riverboat to enjoy a mini-cruise to the picturesque Fremantle port of Perth. The day can ideally end with dinner at a local restaurant with fresh fish from the neighbouring Ocean.

Ayers Rock – Cairns

Ideally, your day can start early in the morning before dawn, as the experience of watching the first rays of the sun gradually change the color of the rock from absolute black to ideal honey is so revealing that thousands of people describe it as a significant turning point in their adult life. You can then return to your hotel for breakfast, giving you the energy you need to get around the Cairns area.

Using a rental vehicle will allow you to move with great ease in all these beautiful areas, with the appropriate flexibility and freedom of movement. When traveling from the area of ​​Ayers Rock and Cairns, you can trust the car hire company Enjoy Travel, which offers a wide variety of rental vehicles at the best market prices. Y

our afternoon stroll on the cosmopolitan Esplanade promenade is charming and clearly sophisticated, especially for those visiting the city’s Casino but can not foresee the visitor for tomorrow, dedicated to the magic of the unrivaled Great Barrier Reef.

Travelling to Sydney

Finally, we could not miss an all-day tour of Australia’s largest city dominated by the picturesque Rocks area where the first settlers settled in the early 18th century, the famous amoeba-shaped Opera House (exterior), the ultra-modern Darling Harbor, the with skyscrapers mingling with Victorian-era buildings as well as the cosmopolitan beaches of Elizabeth Bay and Bondi, home to the city’s wealthiest residents. It would be best if you had plenty of time to enjoy this jewel city or for an optional excursion to the Australian capital Canberra or the nearby Blue Mountains.

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