How to Clean Wooden Restaurant Booths to Give Them a New Look

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Whether you want to dust, clean or wax your wood restaurant booths? Read these expert tips to make your booth’s wood surface shine like new.

Classic wooden restaurant booths never go out of style and are often seen in modern medieval techniques. However, cleaning wooden furniture can also be challenging. Over time, it shows dirt that a duster cannot remove. Even if you try to clean the wooden booths, the shiny lines stay behind.

When considering the maintenance of wooden furniture, several conditions to get rid of include dusting, cleaning, waxing, and polishing. For wood restaurant booths to look their best, you need to undergo all of these cleaning tasks from time to time. Although experts differ on caring for wood furniture, the technique you use will depend on the piece’s finish. Therefore, you should always look for specific care and cleaning instructions when buying new furniture.

How Do We Remove Dust From Wooden Restaurant Booths?

To make the wood booth look its best, keep dusting. Dust can escape from the air, which eventually forms into a film and scratches the surface of wooden booths. Leaving dust on your furniture can cause an allergic reaction or asthma. Most of the dust stays in the fabric, so try to clean your carpet or upholstery regularly.

To properly dust furniture, lift it off rather than spread dust on the surface. Wipe the microfiber cloth gently before wiping it to prevent dust from escaping into the air, where it floats to the furniture’s surface. Remove the excess moisture from restaurant booths with a dry towel.

The Best Dust Removal Tools for Restaurant Booths

When looking for a wooden booth cleaning tool, choose something dust will cling to. For example, dry, soft cloths and feather dusters effectively remove dust from wooden booths.

Classic Feather Duster:

Feather duster removes dust from fragile, easily damaged surfaces.

Treated Clothing:

Scratch-free, lint-free fabrics that pick up and hold dirt. Use it instead of silicone spray, which is not recommended for fine wood restaurant booths.

Woolen Duster:

It contains lanolin, which attracts dust and sticks to the cleaning tool. Wool Dusters are also effective for dusting sculpted or torn parts that you cannot reach. The elongated handle makes it ideal for hard-to-reach tall pieces of wooden restaurant booths.

Lint-Free Clothing:

Clean cotton T-shirts are commonly used as dusters. Microfiber cloth is another lint-free dust removal tool. Moisten it a little to help trap the dust.

How Do We Clean Wooden Restaurant Booths?

When cleaning wooden booths, never use all-purpose cleaning sprays, such as those used on kitchen counters, unless your furniture is covered with plastic. You have to avoid cleaning the wood with water.

Oil-based polishes, cleaners, and furniture oils protect the wood by making surfaces more slippery. However, it does not provide a solid protective layer. Most commercial and liquid polishes contain silicone oil, providing some protection. Note that products with high oil content will show fingerprints. If you have used wood spray and shine in the past or suspect that your booth may have been spilled with sand, be aware that these residues may interfere with the refining process and require professional attention.

Avoid polishing wooden restaurant booths with extra virgin olive oil, making them dirty. Alternatively,

·    Mix equal olive oil, distilled alcohol, turpentine gum, and filtered lemon juice to revive dirty wood furniture.

·    Apply with a soft cloth and polish with a clean cloth.

How to Apply Wax to Wooden Restaurant Booths

Usually, during production, varnish, polyurethane, or shellac are applied to the wood to protect the surface. Using wax or polish protects the manufacturer’s paint and helps reduce abrasions on the surface. Wax provides a solid finish and long-lasting protection, does not stain, and is more durable than spray or polish. Use liquid wax, especially for wooden restaurant booths. Liquid wax is easy to apply but leaves a thin film; It needs to be applied more frequently than wax paste.

Properly apply furniture wax; otherwise, it may appear lined and cloudy. To properly apply furniture wax to restore the shine of your wood restaurant booths, always use the wax in a light coat and remember to rub the grain on the surface.

1.    Place a tablespoon of wooden furniture wax, shaped like a golf ball, in a 100% cotton fabric square. Wrap the cloth around the wax ball and knead until it is soft.

2.    Rub the waxed fabric on the surface of the booth, one small piece at a time, until the surface is pale.

3.    Wipe off the extra wax by using a clean and soft cotton cloth.

4.    Repeat the waxing and wiping process until the entire piece of wood restaurant booth is waxed. If you notice streaks, keep wiping to remove excess wax.

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