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  • Toilet Tube Funny Men Scissor Skills Activity

Today we have a super simple, easy and free fine motor skills and scissor skills activity that the little ones will find fun to do. I really hope you like this idea. it’s great to do at home or in the preschool setting. Get saving those toilet tubes! Enjoy!


What You Will Need

  • Empty Cardboard Tubes; like toilet rolls
  • A marker pen
  • Scissors

Let’s Make It

Make a series of small cuts around one end of the cardboard tube. About 1 ½ inches is a great length for cutting.


After you have given the tube hair, it is time to give it a face.

Draw on eyes, nose and mouth with a marker. You can give as much detail as you desire.

With careful supervision offer your preschooler a child safe pair of scissors and invite him/her to give the new friend a haircut.

Developing scissor skills is essential to a preschoolers development and future education.



Toilet tube fine motor skills