How to Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

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Do you have a hard time finding the perfect eyebrow shape for your face? Are you unsure of what arch looks best on you? Do you keep drawing the same, boring brows over and over again?

Well, then this eyebrow shape guide is for you! With easy steps to finding that perfect arch for your face and insider tips on what brows work best with different looks, this post is sure to break you free from eyebrow boredom.

So, no more dulling down your look with the same old eyebrow arches – let’s get creative and find some beautiful eyebrow shapes together!

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Understand Your Face Shape 

The first step in finding the perfect eyebrow shape for your face is understanding what kind of face shape you have. There are five common face shapes: oval, round, square, heart and diamond-shaped.

Each of these shapes has its own unique set of characteristics that can help guide you when choosing an eyebrow shape.

An Oval- Shaped Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, consider yourself lucky! Your face is already symmetrical so eyebrow shape is more of a guide than a tool to manipulate your face. The eyebrow shape you should go for?

A slight arch that starts and ends on the same level. Keep it natural; avoiding sharp or too defined eyebrow shapes will pay off and give your overall look a pleasing, soft vibe. Follow this eyebrow shape guide for oval faces, and you’re sure to wow.

A Round-Shaped Face

Creating the perfect eyebrow shape for round faces can be a tricky task – you don’t want to overdo it and end up looking like a villain in a comic strip. The best bet is to opt for a high arch – trust us, it’ll help open up the face and add structure to your features.

It’s an instant face-lengthener and will make cheekbones appear slighter and more prominent. Chin up and brows arched – you’re ready to tackle the world!

A Heart-Shaped Face

Looking your best with a heart-shaped face is all about striking the perfect balance and when it comes to brows that mean no skimping! The general consensus is that a soft, rounded arch is most flattering for this shape, with slightly fuller brows to help counterbalance the pointed chin. Don’t be afraid to go bold but be careful not to overdo it; you don’t want your brows overpowering the other features on your face!

A Diamond-Shaped Face

If you have a diamond-shaped face, then you should consider shaping your brows for maximum effect. While a wide forehead, pointed chin, and wide cheekbones can give an interesting look to the face, it’s important to soften this structure with rounded eyebrows.

Reach for an eyebrow pencil or pomade to fill in any sparse areas while keeping your natural shape and not creating overly defined edges. Not only will rounded arches help balance out the distinctive structure of your diamond-shaped face, but they’ll give you a modern yet subtle look that complements all kinds of makeup.

A Square-Shaped Face

Crafting the perfect eyebrow shape for a square-shaped face is all about emphasizing balance and creating softness. Tailor the arch of your brow to match your jawline’s slight angle, hitting just above its midpoint.

This type of eyebrow shape will work to offset the boxy frame of a square face, creating a naturally beautiful look with soft curves that remain in proportion to your unique features. Final tip? Avoid any harsh edges or lines – let the subtlety of your eyebrow shape do all the talking!

A Triangular Face

If your jawline is wider than your forehead, you’ll want to create balance and accentuate your best features without ending up with an unnatural look. The key is to provide some contrast between the wide lower part and the narrow upper part of your face by making your eyebrows fuller with low and curved arches.

Tapering may cause brows to end up pointing downward, which can minimize facial features and make them appear sharper than they really are. So, keep the arches rounded instead, as this will draw attention up to your eyes and forehead, resulting in a softer, more beautiful look!

A Rectangle Shaped Face

Those with a rectangular faced shape have something to truly celebrate – the strong jawline and subtle length mean that there is an abundance of gorgeous eyebrow shapes to try out. To reduce the forehead size, we recommend opting for fuller, but non-structured brows.

Try gently curved arches, which will contribute to softening the jawline. You can also get creative with the length of your eyebrows, as long as they help contribute to reducing the range of your face’s length.

Experimenting with different eyebrow styles is key if you have a rectangular-faced shape – mix and match different shades and thicknesses to find one style that suits you perfectly!

Analyze Your Natural Brow Shape

This involves examining how your eyebrows naturally grow and determining which areas need enhancement, perhaps using a brow tint kit for a fuller and more defined appearance.

Once you know your face shape, it’s time to analyze your natural brow shape. This means looking closely at how your eyebrows naturally grow and assessing which areas need to be filled in or trimmed down.

It’s important to note that everyone’s natural brow shape is different and there is no “right” or “wrong” way for it to look — it’s all about what works best with your individual features!

Once you have identified any areas that need special attention, such as sparse patches or uneven arches, you can start thinking about ways to enhance them while still maintaining a natural look. 

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