Grants for Service Dogs for Anxiety

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Service dogs for anxiety are essential companions to many, and if you need a service dog for anxiety in your life, you are likely wondering how much these dogs cost. Service dogs can be very expensive to adopt outright, especially if you are purchasing a fully trained anxiety service dog, though some organizations and foundations do exist to help individuals afford the assistance animals they need. Our article tells you more about the costs related to obtaining a service dog for anxiety and the best way to mitigate these expenses as you add a service dog to your treatment plan.

The Costs of Obtaining an Anxiety Service Dog

Service dogs, including service dogs that have been trained to help with anxiety, can be very expensive when it comes to the upfront costs of purchasing one. On average, a service dog may cost you between $20,000 and $50,000. The reason for this high cost is that the majority of service dogs trained by an organization are purebred dogs, and you are paying for their training and care for their first few years of life until they finish their training alongside you and come to live with you.

For many people who need a service dog for anxiety in their lives, it can seem overwhelming to try and come up with the amount needed to purchase a dog. However, you may be eligible for certain financial aid programs depending on the organization from which you are adopting your anxiety service dog.

Can I Get a Grant for a Service Dog for Anxiety?

In general, the term ‘grant’ applies to something that an organization or training facility receives in order to have the funds to properly train and care for their service dogs until they are suitable to help an individual with their anxiety and be adopted out. If you are looking for a way to receive a service dog for anxiety without paying the full cost, you will need to work with an organization that receives grants and can provide individuals with financial assistance. This financial assistance may be in the form of low-cost or no-cost service dogs.

Every organization and service dog training facility has their own set of standards for who qualifies for financial aid, and there may be both national and local programs that you qualify for that can help you receive the service dog for anxiety that you need with a lower cost.

Organizations For Service Dog Assistance

Below, we give you some organizations to look into if you need service dog assistance, but cannot afford the upfront cost of a service dog for anxiety. These organizations provide service dogs to those in need for little or no cost.

  • Little Angels Service Dogs
  • Dogs for Better Lives
  • Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs
  • Canine Companions
  • Assistance Dogs International

It is important to check with each organization or financial aid program directly to learn about their specific application process and whether or not you might be eligible.

Can I Get My Anxiety Service Dog for Free?

If you don’t qualify for a financial aid or assistance program to obtain your service dog, you may be able to get your anxiety service dog for free or low-cost by training your own dog. This is a somewhat lengthy process and it requires patience, but it can be a good option for an individual that is dedicated to training their own service dog and does not require immediate service dog assistance in their treatment plan.

Will Insurance Cover My Service Dog For Anxiety?

In most cases, your health insurance will not cover the cost of your anxiety service dog. This is because many insurance companies do not see service dogs as necessary medical equipment. That being said, you may be able to file an appeal with your health insurance company in certain cases to make them cover some of your service dog costs.

It is also important to note that even if your insurance doesn’t cover your service dog costs, certain individuals may be able to write off their service dog costs and expenses on their tax return. You can consult the IRS’s website for more details on this process.

Ensuring You Can Afford Your Service Dog Assistance

Service dogs for anxiety can be costly, but you shouldn’t let the upfront cost of a service dog stop you from receiving the assistance animal you need. Work with service dog training organizations and national foundations directly to explore your options for financial aid or to become the beneficiary of a grant for a service dog for anxiety so you can obtain the service dog certification you need.

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