Ways You Can Look After Your Dog

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Dogs become a member of the family. They live with you, go on holidays with you, keep you company and even keep you fit if you look after them correctly. All that they ask for in return is to be fed and looked after properly. Dogs have far more needs than just a simple feed. They are living, breathing animals who need the right care and attention. So, let’s discover how you can take care of your dog properly.  

Understand Your Dog

Dogs may not talk, but they do communicate. As you grow more accustomed to your dog, you will learn what your dog is trying to tell you. Become aware of how your dog scents things; if something changes, then this could mean there is an issue. How do they create sounds? They use a range of different noises, from whimpering to barking and growling. How do they combine their sounds?

The more in tune you are with how your dog acts, the better equipped you are to observe when things are amiss. I shouldn’t need to get to the point where your dog is completely listless for you to notice.   

Food for Your Dog

Believe it or not, dogs are actually omnivores. The myth that they are purely meat eats is entirely that, a myth. They need a combined diet of meat and vegetables to stay healthy. They need protein, yes, but they need a range of other vitamins and minerals, too, just like we do. Other things to consider when looking after a dog is the amount of food you give them.

Dogs, like people, love food and will definitely overeat. So, feed adequately, not too much. Avoid giving them too much human food. Some of this food, like chocolate, is actually dangerous for dogs. So, avoid this, as well as avoid giving them too many treats. 

To find more on dog stomach issues, be sure to research different types of food, and the benefits of each kind. Plus, always make sure they have access to fresh water. This is so important.

Exercise for Your Dog

Dogs need exercise, and the bigger the dog, the more exercise it needs. Different breeds need different exercise amounts too. Collies, for example, need to do a lot of running around. So, first of all, investigate the breed you have and ensure that you are meeting the required exercise amount.

Take you dog for walks every day, don’t do one massive walk at the weekend and neglect them for the rest of the week. Also, taking them out give them a lot of mental stimulation. They smell new things, see new things, and generally love being out and about. Dogs can also keep you fit purely by the necessity of having to go for a walk every day.

Dog Grooming

It should come as no surprise that dogs need grooming. Their fur can become a breeding ground of issues if you don’t stay on top of this. Again read up on your breed and discover the best grooming regime. You will need to get things like dog brushes and dog nail clippers. If a dog gets an ingrown nail, that can be a huge issue that may even require medical intervention or an amputation of a toe, so beware. 

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