Senior Discounts – How to Save on Car Insurance

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The good news is that senior drivers often receive discounts, even if they have yet to ask for them. You may get lower rates by upgrading to a safer vehicle or dropping coverage you no longer need, such as roadside assistance.

Additionally, many insurance providers provide discounts to seniors who complete a driving safety course, which you can discover on websites like You may save up to 15% by doing this.

Senior Discounts

Ask About Discounts

Getting older can be expensive, but it also means you qualify for discounts at many retailers and service providers. Ask for a senior discount whenever possible to save money on everything from meals to movies and car insurance.

Some companies offer a senior discount as soon as you turn 50. Others require a certain age to qualify, which give seniors over 55 a 10% discount, and craft and hobby stores, which offer 10% off.

Boost Your Deductible

To encourage older drivers for their safe driving practices, auto insurance companies provide senior-specific discounts. To be eligible for any vehicle insurance discount, you must have a spotless driving record. Depending on the provider, you usually need a minimum of three years without any at-fault accidents and moving offenses.

If you want to save even more, consider raising your deductible. While this increases your out-of-pocket costs in the event of a claim, it can help lower your premium. You can also save by bundling your home and auto policies and reducing or eliminating unnecessary coverage. This is a wise option for occasional drivers.

Take a Driver Safety Course

There are various strategies for senior drivers to reduce their auto insurance costs and increase their deductible. Additional reductions can be available if you utilize a usage-based insurance scheme or have minimal mileage. Depending on the provider, these programs reduce your rates by 5% to 15%.

For devoted clients, several insurance companies also provide loyalty discounts. Find out your alternatives by speaking with your insurance representative.

Install an Anti-theft Device

Most businesses provide senior discounts to help their elderly customers save money. This is particularly true for businesses that sell items that older citizens often use, such as prescription drugs, hearing aids, and eyeglasses.

Some retailers offer senior deals regularly, which offers a 10% discount to customers 55 and up every Tuesday. Other retailers offer senior discounts on specific days, such as the first Wednesday of each month.

You can also cut the cost of your car insurance by installing an anti-theft device in your vehicle. 

Shop Around

Even though car insurance rates rise as you age, it doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. Seniors can find plenty of discounts, like the safe driving course discount, that will lower their premiums. Other discounts include a good driver discount and telematics insurance programs that reward safe driving habits with lowered premiums. Additionally, bundling home and auto policies with the same provider can save significant money.

Ultimately, it’s important to shop around for the best price when it comes to car insurance. 

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