Wash, Rinse, and Style – How to Do It Right – Ultimate Maintenance Guide for Human Hair Wigs

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Are you confused about maintaining a human hair wig? How to handle and care for it? How frequently should you clean it? We are happy to guide you about maintaining them right! Here’s everything you need to know about what kind of products you should use, how to dry them, and what kind of precautions you should consider while maintaining human hair wigs.


  • Before you start cleaning the wig, remember to get rid of tangles. Do it very gently with your fingers or a comb.
  • Begin from the bottom and gradually go towards the base. This prevents damaging the wig.
  •  Never comb harshly and only use brushes that are meant for wigs. In case you face any stubborn tangle, remove it by applying a spray conditioner instead of forcefully combing it, as this can damage the fibers of the wig. Pay attention to the material and texture of the wig while brushing. Brushing and washing blonde human hair wigs with bangs can be quite delicate since they are often very thin and fragile. Proceed extra carefully while detangling and make sure to separate the strands carefully.

While Washing Wigs

  • During the cleaning process avoid soaking your wig in water or any detergent solution. 
  • Keep your wig in an upright position, under running water. Use only cool water.
  •  Add a little bit of shampoo in case the wig is color-treated.  Take the quantity in your palm, while applying it evenly, gently stroke the hair going from the base towards end, to avoid any tangling
  • After applying shampoo evenly, keep your wigs underwater again till the shampoo clears.
  • After properly cleaning the wig remove any excess water by squeezing
  • Never twist 

After Wash Care

After you have properly washed your wig with shampoo it’s time to condition it

  • Take a little bit of conditioner on your hand and apply it evenly to your hair going from the mid part to the end of the wig
  • Do not apply conditioner on the roots as it can cause shedding.
  • Keep the conditioner for at least a few minutes or you can follow the directions provided on the product. It is advisable not to let it sit for more than five minutes.
  • Properly rinse your wig with the water until the conditioner is completely washed.
  • Remove excess water by squeezing the wig.
  •  Avoid twisting and wringing.
  • Allow it to naturally dry on a stand in an upright position

After Wash Styling

Styling the wig can be done as preferred. However, here are a few tips that you can follow while styling your wig after a wash.

  •  Avoid styling if the wig is still damp. We suggest finger styling it, instead of using a comb or any appliance.
  •  For straightening your wig, start with small sections, going from the base to the bottom.
  • When you need curls, all you have to do is take a stand and roll it along the curling rod, keep it for few seconds, and release
  • After getting your desired style you can use a hair spray to set it in place.

Some Tips for You!

  1. Never use hot water as it can harm the wig cap.
  2. Never sleep, take a bath, or swim while wearing it.
  3. Put your wig on a stand or hook to avoid any kind of crimps or tangling.
  4. Never comb a damp wig, it will damage and break the hair strands.
  5. For a wig with a short length such as a short bob wig, store it on a mannequin head and cover it.
  6. For a long length wig, after it completely dries, braid it before storing to avoid tangling.
  1. Avoid going for any chemical process such as coloring or perming yourself.  Consult a professional hairstylist for any kind of hair procedure.

Summing Up

Here are some tips that you can follow while maintaining your human hair wigs. If you wear a wig frequently, then cleaning them twice a week is necessary. 

Happy cleaning!

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