Best Indoor Plants: What Are the Most Suitable Plants to Grow at Home?

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Indoor plants give many benefits, like cleaner air, an improved look of your home, and a welcoming vibe whenever you enter your house. But because of the multitude of plants available, sometimes it is hard to decide which one to pick. The good news is that no matter your preferences, you will find low-maintenance alternatives, so you will not worry that you don’t have time to take care of them properly.

If you are looking for indoor plants, keep reading, as we have prepared a list of the most common types and some essential tips you need to consider.  

Best Indoor Plants

What are the best houseplants tips? 

Houseplants have become very popular, as they create an inviting environment and give any room an improved look. But, you must ensure you take proper care because your actions will be the ones that will make them healthy and beautiful. The good news is that several tips guarantee that your plants will have a long life, like: 

  • Ensure your plants have good lighting and spin them regularly so that they will grow evenly
  • Be mindful when watering, but don’t overwater, as you will do more damage than good. 
  • Make sure your planters are big enough for the size of your greeneries and have holes in them, as they will be very useful in the watering process. 
  • Raise humidity levels if needed to help your plants thrive indoors. 
  • Keep the temperature stable, as extreme changes are bad for your flowers.
  • Use a systemic insecticide to keep the bugs away.

What are the most suitable houseplants? 

Here are some of the most popular choices that people usually opt for. And if you are a beginner and didn’t have an oasis of greeneries before, it is good to start with some plants that don’t have plenty of requirements and are easy to grow. If you have pets or small kids, you also need to consider safe options for them and avoid the types that can be toxic. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular indoor choices in the world. Maybe it is because they have incredibly low maintenance and are easy to grow, or because of their look, which we have to agree is very appealing. Plus, as it is a desert-type succulent, it doesn’t need a lot of water, likes very bright environments, and does a fantastic job filtering the air. They are also considered ideal house plants because of the thick gel inside the leaves. The gel is known for its benefits to the skin, and it helps moisturise and kills bacteria. If you search the ingredients of skincare products, you will see that aloe vera is very common, and countless brands have considered it a major component. Not to mention that the gel also soothes burns, so if you are not the most skilled cook or spend a lot of time in the kitchen, an aloe vera plant might be exactly what you need. 

Monstera Deliciosa

Is there someone who doesn’t like this beautiful and giant plant? We guess no, as there is nothing you can’t love about the Swiss Cheese Plant, as it is also known. It originally came from Mexico and Central America, but now it is found in most houses around the globe because of its fantastic look and the big impact it gives on any room. Plus, it is easy to grow and doesn’t need much water. But you need to offer it an environment that is not very bright, as Monsteras prefer darker areas. Indoors they can have a height of 78 inches, but it also depends on the pot, as a small size will limit its growth. So, this is why you must choose the best planters alternatives for these plants. Some perfect options with a high-quality and amazing look can be found at


Bromeliads contain over three thousand species, so you must do a long research to see which is the most suitable for your needs. Many people consider these tropical plants because of their coloured flower spikes, which is unusual for most houseplants. They have bright colours, and depending on the species, they can be yellow, fuchsia, orange or red, which give an incredible indoor feature. Plus, they are easy to grow and have a long life so that you can enjoy their presence for an extended period. Also, Bromeliads are tolerant to several temperatures, have minimal watering needs, and can be placed in bright areas or indirect light. This flower is the best choice if you like colours and want a plant that looks good all year long.


Begonia is a houseplant that needs more care than the others, so you must keep in mind this aspect before purchasing it. If this is not important for you, as you know that you will ensure good care, you should consider it as it is very attractive and its flowers will enhance the look of your house. This plant needs decent light, high humidity, regular water, and care to remain strong and healthy. Also, from time to time, they require pruning to remove old flowers and keep a good appearance. Unfortunately, if you skip this step, the flowers will not grow as they would normally, so if you don’t have much free time, maybe you shouldn’t consider Begonia.

Peace Lily

If you want an elegant flower that will stand out in the eye of any guest, Peace Lily is the answer. Characterised by an effortlessly chic, these plants radiate tranquillity and, despite their majestic look, don’t have many strict requirements. They are highly tolerant to drought, don’t need much water, and are suitable for any lighting. Just keep in mind that they grow more flowers when they benefit from sunlight, so if you want to ensure your plants will bloom, you need to keep this criterion in mind. Because they have an amazing low-maintenance, they are suitable as a beginner-friendly choice. 

So, which one of these houseplants would you want to have in your house? 

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