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Last week Sylvia was sent an amazing new School bag and other products from Smiggle to be used when she goes back to school in September. Smiggle is a great brand and I love that their products smell and look so lovely. The parcel we received was fantastic and contained Sylvia’s new Smiggle school bag, a cute keyring, a beautiful Smiggle Diary, some writing pencils and a fantastic new digital watch.

I must admit, I wanted to put these lovely items away until September but once my daughter saw them it was too late. She squealed with excitement at the new school bag. Her previous one was a plain red bag with the school logo on and I had promised Sylvia she could have a nicer bag this coming school year. I guess this came at the perfect time.

Sylvia straight away wanted to use her school bag. She could not wait for next year and so I allowed her to use it for her last week of school. Why wait? She also wanted to wear her bag whilst playing outside, riding her bike and when going out. She even took her bag to swimming lessons and Kung Fu. I have to say it’s the most gorgeous bag ever and smells divine. The bag looks fantastic and my daughter has totally fallen in love with it.

Sylvia also got the most amazing new diary. It is fluffy and soft and also smells lovely. The Smiggle diary has a super cute sequin design which can be reversed and comes with a lovely sparkly pen. Sylvia has started writing in it each day about her day and I love how this is encouraging writing.

The Pink Lemonade pencils smell amazing and are super cool. I have never had fun smelling pencils before and neither has Sylvia and they are now a prized possession. The Keyring has found a permanent home on Sylvia’s Smiggle school bag and the watch is also super cool. It’s a digital one and perfect as the one Sylvia had before recently broke.

We are so impressed with the Smiggle products we ere sent to review. I looked up the stores on the Smiggle website and was suprised to see there are two within 30 minutes of our home. I think we will be paying a trip to Smiggle in the coming months and I will certainly be visiting the store before Santa visits at Christmas. That’s for sure. I love that you can order and buy online but just imagine how amazing the shop would smell with all those lovely products inside. I imagine delicious!

Angela x


*We were sent the Smiggle products in return for this review. We are really pleased and impressed and all opinions are my own.