Why Shipping Your Car May Be Better Than Long Haul Driving

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Do you dread long road trips? They’re all very well when they’re part of a holiday, and you make lots of stops along the way, but if you’re racking up the miles for a move or a long job contract, that long journey isn’t necessarily something to look forward to! Many don’t even consider having our cars shipped to the destination and hopping on a plane. It may seem rather decadent, but there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss the idea out of hand. 

Great Family Car

It’s Not as Expensive as You Might Think

The cost of having your car transported instead of using it as transport may not be low, but it may not be as expensive as you think. Compare car shipping companies to see what they offer and what their services cost.

Finding the a car shipping company for your move is super important to ensure you get everything you need to move your car with ease. While looking for the best car shipping company, remember all the possible benefits of avoiding that marathon journey and include the cost of overnight stays for your family when comparing self-drive versus shipping costs. You can also visit: https://breezecustoms.com/ for more details on importing solutions and accurate landed costs.

Keep Your Mileage Low

The more miles your car drives, the greater the wear and tear, and the more likely you will experience breakdowns. Of course, the worst-case scenario is a breakdown on your long journey, but even if you complete it without incident, you’re more likely to pick up trouble in the weeks and months following it. Add to that the effect of higher mileage on your car’s resale value, and you have one more reason to consider shipping rather than driving. 

Save on Travel Time

No matter how comfortable your family car is, the thought of spending all day, or even several days, in it is less than appealing. As if the long drive wasn’t stressful enough, you’re likely to deal with quarrelling kids at a time when you and your spouse are not at your best and brightest either. 

Quite apart from the stress associated with long journeys, travel time is unproductive time. And with the fatigue of a long journey behind you, it can easily take a day or two to recoup your energy after you arrive. By comparison, a few hours’ flight is an absolute breeze for all concerned, and you still get the benefits of having your car once you’ve reached your destination. 

It’s Safer for You and Your Family

There’s always a risk of being involved in a road accident when you drive, but that risk increases when you’re tired, stressed out or distracted. On a long road trip with your family in tow, you’re quite likely to be all three of those things at once, increasing the chances of causing an accident or not reacting quickly enough to avoid one. On a side note, if you decide to tackle the drive, be sure to stop for breaks at least every four hours – and more often if you’re taking kids along. You shouldn’t drive for more than eight or nine hours a day, and less is better!

So Many Advantages Plus Less Stress

You’ve got plenty of good reasons to choose car shipping over a long-haul drive, but the lack of stress is worth highlighting. While some folks love driving, longer trips are always a challenge. As for the kids, cooping them up for hours and hours is almost sure to make your trip memorable for all the wrong reasons. Luckily, driving is just one of your options, and getting there the easy way while letting your car get shipped has enough advantages to make it worth considering. 

This article is on why enclosed shipping is your safest option. There are a few reasons why enclosed shipping is the safest option for your move. First, it protects your belongings from the elements. If you’re moving in inclement weather, your belongings could be damaged by rain or snow. Second, it protects your belongings from theft. If you’re using an open trailer to move, your belongings are safer and more secure.

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