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13 Self Care Quotes To Inspire Your Soul

Self care quotes are something I really love. I first discovered the concept of Self Care following my counselling sessions. I was having therapy to help overcome post traumatic stress which I was suffering from.

I created a private Pinterest board of quotes to motivate and encourage myself to take more time out for me.

Today I’m sharing 13 inspirational Self care quotes to inspire your soul and motivate you to care for yourself a little more.

self care quotes

What Is Self Care?

Self care is anything we choose to do that helps take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. Sometimes as a mother I can get so busy parenting and dealing with my health issues that I struggle to take time for self care.

Achieving a good level of self care can help to improve your mood, boost self esteem, reduce anxiety and positivity impact our relationships with others.

13 Self Care Quotes

Here are 13 fantastic quotes which I handpicked and created. I hope you love them! Please don’t forget to pin these on your Pinterest boards!

Angela x

You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

How true is this quote? It reminds me of flying on an aeroplane. You have to put on your own mask before you can help anyone else.

Self Care Is A Priority

I totally agree with this quote. In the past I saw caring for myself a real luxury, when is reality it’s something I need to do daily and something I deserve.

Don’t Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Despite all the nay sayers and haters in the world, I won’t let anyone take away my sparkle. I’ll keep shining. As a blogger there are a lot of trolls and I won’t let them drag me down.

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Self Care Is Giving The World The Best Of You

I love this self care quote. For so long I was unable to give my best to the world because I was worn down in an abusive relationship. By getting out I was able to change things and rebuild myself up.

Take Care Of Yourself First

When we care for ourselves, especially as parents, our kids see our example and feel so much more secure and happy. No matter whether your a mum or not, or whether your in a relationship caring for yourself is key to being whole.

Don’t Ever Feel Guilty For Doing What’s Best For You

Doing what is best for you is so so important. In the past I struggled to do this. I have grown in confidence a lot over the years and now I put myself and my family first before the wants of others.

You Owe Yourself The Love That You So Freely Give

Yes! This is so important! Sometimes we can give so much love to others we forget to love ourselves.

Self Care Is Not Selfish

In the past my abusive partner would have me believe that self care and meeting my own needs was selfish. I was expected to meet his every demand and forget about myself. This was so wrong and I am glad to be out of that marriage.

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Be Gentle With Yourself

Being kind to yourself is so important. Often I can feel down or feel like a bad mother because I am too unwell to do the things I want to do but I need to be kind to myself and remember that I am a fantastic mum trying my best and that’s the truth.

Make Your Soul Happy

Finding out who I am and discovering what makes my heart and soul happy has been a journey. It’s a journey I am still on and a road of discovery which I love.

Embrace The Glorious Mess That You Are

Ha Ha! Who isn’t a glorious mess?

Remove The Unacceptable

This is so so important. I changed my life by leaving a controlling and abusive husband who smothered me and clipped my wings. The relationship was unacceptable and I did what needed to be done.

Learn To Rest Not Quit

This! This is so important. If I quite whenever I got tired, I would have stopped blogging the week I began. I am learning and you too can learn to rest and take breaks to get your body and mind in balance once more.

I hope you enjoyed these self care quotes. I sure enjoyed sharing them.