Removing Carpet Stains With Rug Doctor

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Removing Carpet Stains With Rug Doctor

Trying to remove carpet stains and odours has been a total horror story for my family over the past few months. My husband and I have struggled with bad smells and marks created by our adorable but cheeky dogs Yoda and Casper. It’s really been a nightmare.


Over the months our dogs have walked mud all over the carpets, Yoda became unwell and vomited, Casper had an injury leaving blood all over the carpet and then my daughter has repeatedly dropped food and drinks on the floor.

Getting rid of the stains has become a real challenge. Then to make matters worse Casper was diagnosed with a bladder issue which made the lounge smell so bad that we didn’t want to go in the room any more. 

removing carpet stains with rug doctor stain remover

Removing Carpet Stains Easy 

My husband and I tried so many solutions, -from using vinegar and baking soda, -to purchasing supermarket foams and sprays, but nothing would work. I decided the only solution would be to get our carpets professionally cleaned.

Reaching the end of my tether I contacted Rug Doctor desperately hoping their products might help us to eliminate the smells and stains once and for all. 

removing carpet stains with rug doctor deep carpet cleaner

Rug doctor kindly sent us a number of cleaning sprays for carpets, curtains, upholstery and fabric – along with the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner. And boy, I am impressed. The carpet cleaner has powerful dual cross brushes which clean the carpet in a single pass. 

I must admit: I did not expect the results we got. I didn’t know there were products out there that actually remove the worst of stains with so little effort. Now the whole house is free of stains, and our carpets look plush and new. I’m amazed!

removing pet urine with rug doctor urine eliminator

Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator and Odour Remover

I’m so excited that I can finally buy a new rug. We have avoided buying one for a year in case Casper ruined it. But now we can buy a rug for our lounge and quickly use the Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator or Rug Doctor Odour Remover sprays when required.

Alongside this, we can now deep clean all our carpets regularly, meaning no more dirty carpets! Did you see how black the water was after cleaning the lounge?

using a rug doctor deep clean machine to clean our carpets

Rug Doctor Oxy Power Stain Remover

I now have the Rug Doctor Oxy Power Stain Remover which I can use next time Sylvia spills Ribena or a hot drink on the floor. If someone has a tummy bug and we end up needing to really give the carpet a thorough clean, this Rug Doctor spray will be the first thing I go for. 

I was so impressed by how easily the Stain Remover got rid of a stain that had been under the sofa for around eight months. 

The stain vanished within seconds after using the Rug Doctor spray. I was in shock. The carpet looks new and fresh and smells so nice now. 

removing carpet stains with rug doctor stain remover

To say the least, I’m incredibly impressed. I’m so grateful to have tested out these amazing Rug Doctor products

This cleaning sprays really work. Even better, I didn’t have to sit on the floor scrubbing patches as I have done for so long. I wish I’d have known about these carpet cleaning solutions much sooner – it would have saved a lot of time and stress. 

removing pet urine with rug doctor urine eliminator

The great news is we now have a variety of carpet, stain and odour removers to use over the coming weeks and months. I’m strangely looking forward to the satisfaction I will get when we have our next spill or accident, – and we can clean it up in a matter of seconds. It will be a great feeling to not have to stress out over these things. 

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

I’m so excited to have a Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner too. This is going to come in handy so often. Not only does it have a standard carpet cleaning mode, but it can also be used on the sofas and in the car too, thanks to the upholstery attachment.  Using the upholstery tool, you can get your curtains clean and your stairs looking stainless.  John is looking forward to giving his car a good cleaning. And, I am too! 

using a rug doctor deep clean machine to clean our carpets

So, would I recommend these Rug Doctor products for removing carpet stains? The answer is very simple – yes! I would and I will be using them regularly from now on. That is for sure. 


This is a sponsored post and we were sent the Rug Doctor cleaning products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own

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    1. Oh your welcome. It’s really hard to get out stains usually but with the Rug Doctor stain removal spray is really was simple and easy to do.

    1. Yes, it was perfect timing as I was going nuts trying to deal with Casper’s accidents. He is getting very old now and not as healthy as Yoda.

  1. We have three kids…and white carpet. Well, it’s supposed to be white. We seriously need Rug Doctor in our lives to rescue our carpet, especially the stairs.

  2. I like the branding Rug Doctor thats clever. I have an all wood floor home but this is still a great product it seems for people with carpets and rugs.

    1. Yes… it’s good for rugs! We want to put some wood down in one or two rooms in future but will still need the machine for stairs, bedrooms and the rugs so it will always come in useful.

  3. My carpet needs some serious care, and I’ve been wondering what to do about it. I’m not ready to replace it yet, and having a company come in to do it is so expensive and needs to be repeated to frequently, so this looks like a much better option.

    1. i think it’s great to be able to professionally clean it yourself with the Deep cleaning machine from Rug Doctor. It will save us a long of money in the long term.

  4. What a brilliant review. I definitely need to give this a go. When I first moved into my flat, I used a rug doctor to clean the carpets upstairs but theres so many really deep stains on them that I think I need these other more specialist products to get them out . Thanks for all your tips xxx

  5. This is fab stuff! I’ve got lots of different cleaning products at home. It’s definitely an essential for me especially because I’ve got a little one at home.

  6. Rug Doctor sounds amazing ! My old flat had carpets and when I cleaned the carpets I was shocked by how dirty the carpets were; I can’t imagine what the rug doctor would have bought up!

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