Keeping the Kids Happy at Home

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When your children are unable to attend school, due to the current pandemic or other forced closure, you may wonder how you can possibly keep them entertained at home. In addition to this, they may have schoolwork to complete whilst they’re at home. While you aren’t a teacher, and may also have your own work to contend with, you will still want to do your utmost to make sure they get a rounded education, while also being able to complete any chores or tasks of your own.

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Reliable Internet Connection

Whether your children need to complete their schoolwork online, or simply relax and spend time chatting to friends or gaming, they will need a reliable internet connection. With the amount of frustration that people are currently feeling, you don’t need to add poor Wi-Fi to the list. Searching for the best provider to suit your needs can allow you to find a good deal while still meeting the wants and needs of your children. 

When your children enjoy gaming online, either using their computer or a games console, the speed and latency of a connection can make a big difference between being able to play, as well as the overall quality of the gaming experience. 

Pay Attention to Mental Health

Even though your child’s school may be sending them work to complete, they may struggle more to do it at home. Without the consistent support of learning staff, and with you being busy as well, it is completely understandable that your child may be feeling incredibly overwhelmed. Children can suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress, just as much as adults can. Allowing them time to decompress can go a long way.

Liaising with your child’s school can help to keep communication open. In addition to this, making time for them to speak to their friends, whether via telephone, chat, or video call can allow for that important socialisation your child may be missing. 

Plan Some Fun Activities

This time with your children home may be difficult, but it can also be a blessing in disguise. When you consider how busy your lives were prior to this, you may find that you were missing out on a lot of quality time together. While you may not be able to go out to your usual leisure activities of choice, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some good time together in the home. Whether you want to play some board games, read together, do some gardening, or simply curl up on the sofa to watch a movie, is up to you and your personal preferences. The most important thing is that you cherish this time and make it as enjoyable as possible.

One task you can do each day is kids yoga or practicing mindfulness. I’d recommend reading this article on simple ways to teach mindfulness to kids. This can help children to feel more relaxed and to cope with the changes and stressors of daily life.

Even though life is certainly not normal right now, that does not mean that it is all bad. By looking for the good things each day, and the best ways to simplify your situation, your children can still work, play, and find enjoyment during their time off of school. 

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