Low Iron, Low Vitamin D and Low Folate

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I’ve had low vitamin D and along with other health issues for some time and this week I finally got a range of blood test results back that I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been feeling rotten and exhausted for months and my GP ordered a set of blood tests.

I received a phone call informing me that my results were back and that some of my bloods levels are too low. I’ve known this for a long time and the problem is it always happens.

I have a test? Have results, get medication, it makes a small difference but not enough and goes low again. I go back to square one and the GP orders more tests.

Low Iron, Low Vitamin D and Low Folate

Low Vitamin D Levels

Waiting for results such as Vitamin D can take a month and so I will have to wait a month in pain to be told what I know (that I am low) and then be given a super dose of tablets.

However the tablets don’t always work well enough and I really could do with injections for my Vitamin D.

I was told over the phone to start taking Vitamin D tablets. The thing is I’m on Vitamin D daily already so I don’t see how being told to continue taking vitamin D that does’t absorb well will help me?

My Endocrinologist said I need a super dose regular yet my GP only patches me up when I get low. The doctors don’t do prevention very well so I am off to speak to the GP to discuss this.

The medical attitude is different when it comes to Vitamin B12. I get low in B12 and have injections for this every 3 months so that one vitamin level is currently okay. Thank goodness!

Low Folate Levels

My folate is so low that my current dose has been doubled for 3 months. I now have to take 10mg. Folate has been an issue for two years and yet again I don’t absorb this medications or any oral vitamins well.

I was told over the phone that my iron is incredibly low. I knew someone was not right. I have Anaemia which again comes and goes. Last year I had an Iron infusion but when I saw the specialist last week for follow up my results had been lost.

The GP secretary rang me and told me that my transferrin rate was 3 when it should be 170-370. That is crazy and explains why I cannot even get out of bed half the time.

I am constantly exhausted and shattered. I’m in muscle and bone pain all day. I can’t think and have a fog over my brain which prevents me doing the simplest of tasks at times.

It’s so so difficult to function and think and I’m constant fighting the fog to do the basics. It can be really hard to focus and concentrate at times and I’m not able to do a 5th of of what I used to.

Add to this my toothache that I’ve been having and my Adrenal Insufficiency and Human Growth Hormone deficiency and you start to see the picture of just how sick I’ve been and the reason I’ve reverted back to a wheelchair a lot.

I simply have had no strength or energy to do things. I’ve been dizzy and nauseous so often and confused and it’s been hard.

So I’m going to go see my GP to discuss my blood levels and see what can be done to improve them quickly.

I am looking into the possibility of seeing a private specialist. It won’t be cheap but I could potentially get treated months sooner if I pay and so I need to get a copy of my results from the doctor.

This week I’m in London. It is a struggle but I needed to come and see my Endocrinologist. I paced myself and have been resting up in the accommodation. It’s all I can do really.

Low Iron Levels and Thinking About Iron Infusion

I’ve read that vitamin D injections cost around £100 and a private Iron infusion with a consult is about £500. It’s something I want to do but of course would be hard on the budget.

I am thinking of pitching to a health clinic to review their services and if not I’ll find a way to pay for more urgent care so I can get well sooner and be able to do more sooner.

I’ll always be unwell but I’m so over feeling this way I want to improve my health as much as I can. I need to. It’s been a nightmare the past 6 months and I’ve not been able to do so much except work on autopilot and push myself at the best of times.

I’m frustrated but the worst is the fog and stress and confusion I feel when I try to work. I simply can’t do it and have to outsource work to others at times to keep my blog on track. I can still write but I want to be able to do other things for myself right now but I just can’t.

So I’ll visit the Endo this week while in London, and visit my GP when I get home. I will start looking for treatment clinics that might be able to help me. Whether by review or whether I save up, I do want to get treatment soon and at least get my vitamin D and Iron in range. That would be nice. I’d like to heave better health in 2019.


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  1. It sounds terrible. I’ve crowns so have had these too- low iron, folate and B12 and they really do zap you. Have you tried liquid iron? It’s meant to absorb much quicker and easier than tablets without the side effects. Hope you can see a specialist soon! X

    1. It’s been very difficult. I have not tried liquid iron. No. Luckily I had an iron infusion last week and have another on Monday morning. 🙂

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