Leprechaun Playdough Mats for Preschool Kids

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Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful holiday to teach your little one about, and what could be a better way to do that than a fun filled activity that is also educative and informative? These Leprechaun playdough mats are so much fun, and the perfect way to keep your toddler busy on a lazy afternoon.

They can be a great way for you to initiate your child’s learning about the holiday, and at the same time, give his hands a bit of exercise with the moulding of the play-dough.

Scroll down and keep reading to discover the step by step process to get started with this.

Leprechaun Saint Patricks Day Printables

Supplies for the Leprechaun Playdough Mat

The best part about this themed activity is that you need just a few supplies- which you probably already have at home. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Downloaded and ready Leprechaun playdough mats.
  • Playdough in different colors, preferably green, white, black, brown, blue and red.

How to Get Started

Get all your supplies ready and handy. Start by using the example emotions sheet on the side as a reference, and choose one emotion to focus on.

leprechaun playdough mats

Get your little one to roll out shape the dough such that he can replicate the emotions in the sheet by placing the playdough shapes on the main sheet.

leprechaun playdough mats

Start with one emotion and then move onto the next.

If you want to make this an even more educative experience, ask your toddler to identify the emotion, and relate it with a time when he experienced it.

And that’s it- it’s all done. Ready to get started? Use the free printable link down below.

Download Your Leprechaun Printables Here!

And if you’re on the hunt for some more Saint Patrick’s Day themed activities, I’ve got those for you too. Here are a few quick links for you to access.

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