Preschool Alphabet Rock Stones

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Preschool Alphabet Rock Stones

Last year I discovered rock painting and really fell in love with the craft. I began painting rocks on a regular basis and eventually began sharing my rocks here on The Inspiration Edit. As a preschool teacher I can really see the educational value in painting rock stones with or for preschool kids.

rock painting alphabet

There are so many fun painting ideas including creating Alphabet rock stones. Today I am sharing a whole set of preschool Alphabet rock stones which were created by a rock painting friend Chris Larson from Florida. These stones are amazing and I am honoured to share these here on the blog. Enjoy!

We will begin with the letter A. A is for Alligator.

This is such a fab stone and I love the combination of yellow and green on the alligator. A fab idea.

crocodile rock stone

Next we have the letter B. B is for Bear. It’s great to have both the Capital and small versions of each letter on a rock stone to help the child learn to recognise both uppercase and lower case letters.

letter B rock stone

For letter C we have a cat. This is a simple and easy cat to paint. The sounds of the letter C are quite different and using this stone could be a great way to teach the difference between C for cat and maybe C and R which are a totally different sound. For example, the cat drinks cream!

hippo rock stone

D is for Dog. We love dogs.

We have a whole section here on The Inspiration Edit dedicated to Yoda and Casper our Bichon Frise dogs.

This dog rock stone is super cute and a great stone to make with or for your alphabet collection.

dog rock stone

E is for Elephant. Here is a great elephant rock stone. Isn’t it cute!

elephant rock painting

F is for Frog. We are huge fans of frogs.

We have plenty of Frog crafts here on the blog. Why not check them out!

We also have some great frog play dough mats which are free to download and a great way to promote basic counting skills.

frog rock stone

G is for Giraffe. Here is a cute giraffe stone. I think his eyes are lovely and bright!

letter g rock stone

H is for Hippo. H, H, H.

hippo rock stone

For the letter I we have a Iguana rock stone. I love the little spikes on his back. What a fun character!

iguana rock stone

Our letter J rock stone is a Jellyfish.

jellyfish rock stone

K is for Kangaroo. Have you ever seen a Kangaroo? I saw a few on my trip to Australia a few years ago. They are huge!

K is for kangaroo rock stone

L is for Ladybird and M is for mouse. These are simple and easy stones to paint. There are plenty of letter L ideas but I do like a bug on a stone!

Our letter N rock stone is a newt. I love his eyebrows. They give him a lot of character.

letter N rock stone

Our letter O rock painting is an ostrich and the letter P is a penguin.

Penguins are so cute! We love the movie happy feet and this penguin is super cute.

Q is for Quail

quail rock stone

Our letter R rock stone is a racoon. You could use these stones not only as alphabet building stones but also as story stones. You might want to get the kids to use the characters to create a story and use their imagination.

racoon rock stone

These rock stones would be perfect for mat time or story time. S is for Snake.

snake rock stone

T is for Turkey. This rock stone reminds me of a thanksgiving Turkey. I do love the colours used for the turkey feathers.

thanksgiving turkey rock stone

U is for Unicorn. We love Unicorns and have lots of Unicorn ideas for preschool kids here! Why not check them out!

unicorn rock stone

V is for Vulture. I think these stones could be used as part of music time to sing the alphabet song or sing songs about certain animals painted on the stones.

v rock stone

Our W rock stone is a Walrus. This stone is super cute. I do like the whiskers and tusks!

walrus rock stone

X is for X-fray. We have a fish with bones which is a great idea for the X rock stone.

It’s also a good opportunity to talk to kids about bones and the anatomy of humans and or fish.

xray fish rock painting

The Y rock stone for this preschool set is the Yak.

letter Y rock stone

Finally we have a Zebra. Z is for Zebra.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing these amazing rock stone ideas.

Why not try making your own alphabet rock stones. I would love to see them.


zebra rock stones


painted alphabet stones

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