Create Your Imagination on Your Tumbler: 7 Tips for Customizing Tumblers

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Are you bored of your plain-looking tumbler? Learn different techniques to create and give your tumbler your personal touch in this ultimate guide.

If you are an amateur craft hobbyist or wanting to start a tumbler customizing business, who is looking for great ways to customize tumblers, then you are at the right place. Moreover, if your dear one’s birthday is approaching, a personalized tumbler can be the most thoughtful gift. The best thing about customized gifts is that it adds a personal touch and lots of love!

So, I will show you some effective and easy ways by which you can make tumbler customization super fun and easy. If not for anyone, try customizing your old and boring tumbler to motivate yourself to drink water. 

7 Ultimate Guides to Personalize Tumblers

Putting Name Decals

One of the common ways to personalize tumblers is to name decals. If you are excellent at calligraphy, then you don’t need much effort to find the right fonts. But before that, you need to have a base to write those decals on your tumbler, which is ‘vinyl.’ Vinyl is widely available in the market and comes in several colors. 

Vinyl makes the letters stay on for the longest time, and they survive multiple washes. Do use permanent ink to write the decals to make last. Make sure you clean the tumbler with alcohol for the vinyl to stick thoroughly.  

2. Paint the Tumbler

Another great way to make a change to your dull and boring tumbler is changing its color. If you are someone who loves painting, then you must have some unused or extra paint. It is a great way to make use of that paint and make your tumbler new again. 

If your tumbler is made of steel, then you have to use spray paint! But for plastic tumblers, regular acrylic paints work the best. After that, you are free to go limitless with your color choices and go wild with your imagination. 

Moreover, if you are way too crafty and creative, you can try making galaxy effects or marble effects with paint! Take some notes from our Galaxy Blot Post on how you can create galaxy effects with paint.  

3. All Glitter!

Young or old, people of all ages love glitter. What’s there to not love about it? Glitter is fun to use (messy too) and can make anything beautiful. So go to your nearest arts and craft shop, buy some of your favorite glitters and start customizing your tumbler. 

To stick the glitter, you can either use a similar color liquid paint or adhesive glue as a base. Make sure the tumbler surface is all clean. Let the glitters set for a few hours and avoid frequent washes to keep the sparkle for a long time. Give this beautiful mess a try! 

4. Personalize With Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is one of the most versatile DIY stuff. You can combine anything with it to easily customize your tumbler. Whether paint, glitter, beads, or dried flower petals, you can add anything into the clear resin according to your preference. 

Although there are tons of videos on youtube related to epoxy resin usage, which you can follow for guidance, Epoxy Tumbler Tutorial shows the easiest use of epoxy on tumblers specifically. 

5. Use Cricuts!

If you have a Cricut machine lying on your desk, then take the most advantage of it while customizing your tumbler. For tumbler customizing projects, vinyl circuits are better than paper or fabrics. Vinyl will stick well and last long after multiple washes. Next, you can add any desired art or sketch on the circuits to make it more appealing. You can also stick glitter on the circuits by applying glue to the vinyl.

6. Draw your Design or Use Stencils 

Stencils are widely available in stationery shops. If you are an amateur with little or no experience in arts and crafts, stencils can prove handy to give your tumbler customization a professional touch. Buy any stencil, it can be of a cartoon character or your favorite movie logo, and you are good to go.

However, don’t forget to keep vinyl as a base for the stencil to last long. Without vinyl, even permanent marker color will fade off after a few washes. Then, you can fill in the stencils with colors or glitters of your choice. If you want to fill color and glitter on the stencil, then choose white vinyl as your base. 

Tip: Use permanent markers or sign pens for designing. 

7. Use Beads or Pearls

Crafting beads and pearls are excellent ways to accessorize your tumbler and make it look differently new. If you have beads or pearls, use adhesive glue to stick them on your tumbler as you would like them to decorate your tumbler. For example, instead of sticking them on a plain tumbler, you can stick them on the paint or glitter you recently applied on your tumbler. The beads will enhance your tumbler’s beauty even more! 

Customized Tumblers Are Fun to Make

I bet your friends are going to love a customized tumbler as a gift. So, don’t forget to personalize a tumbler for their next birthday.  

These were just a few of the many ways you can customize your tumbler. Creativity is limitless; hence, you can go beyond these and customize your imagination on your tumbler. You are free to mix and match colors, glitters, and experiment with everything. Moreover, the products you require are affordable and widely available too. The best part about customization is, you can start from scratch with whatever you have near you.

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