9 Study Tips That Will Get You Through Nursing School in No Time

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A Bachelor’s of Science Degree in nursing is a difficult degree to earn. Indeed, nursing students must learn volumes of information and study constantly. Further, you’ll study for about sixty months to earn a BSN. Here are some tips to make studying easier.

#1 Planning Is Key

It’s taking students longer than ever before to earn a BSN. That’s because a number of difficult classes are taken at the same time. As a result, Nursing School students must learn a lot of information quickly and retain it. This requires lots of discipline because students must go to class as well. Manage your time wisely and distinguish the difference between “need to know and nice to know.” 

One student explains that she thinks in terms of days. She sets aside days when there’s no class to study. In addition, students can listen to study tapes in the car. Basically, take advantage of every spare moment to study.

#2 Know Your Studying Style

Individuals study in various ways. Some students learn kinetically by writing out their notes. On the other hand, there are those who need to hear information to digest it. Finally, many students learn by saying the information over and over until they memorize the facts.

#3 Use All Available Resources

Use study tools that are available at no cost. For instance, YouTube has a variety of nursing exams on various subjects. Further, all nurses take the same licensing exam, the NCLEX test.  There are many sample NCLEX tests (fee for NCLEX exam) online for free. Use practice tests for the area you’re studying.

#4 Study Groups

Nursing students often make friends for life because they work together. One of the best ways to study is by forming a group. Studies show that students in a group retain much more information than others. In addition, study group members offer each other guidance and support. Research also indicates it’s best to have groups of three or more. 

#5 Put Action Into Studying

Successful students learn by thinking about patients while studying. For instance, when you’re learning about diabetes, visualize the symptoms patients will have. Think about the deeper meaning of words on a page.

# 6 Use a Tutor

A tutor may be the answer for some students. There are times when students give up because everyone else seems smarter. That student may need some one-on-one time. Tutors help with planning, learning information, and offering emotional support. Struggling students may not feel comfortable in a group. 

#7 Taking Notes

Learning to take the best notes is invaluable. Experts suggest recording lectures rather than taking notes in class. Pay attention to the teacher and write your notes later. Color coding is a tool to separate different materials for studying.  For example, use one color for medication cards and another for the side effects card. 

#8 Don’t Burn Out

Don’t study all the time. Students must take the time to have a normal life and rest. Make sure you don’t burn out. A short break goes a long way toward recharging your batteries.

#9 Reward Yourself

A reward can be a great incentive to study and do well on a test. A reward can be as simple as a candy bar or a more eventful date night. Just remember to have fun.

Nursing school is difficult, but the experience pays off. You’ll have a rewarding in-demand profession. Remember, the key to success is preparation.

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