Polar Bear Christmas Decoration for Kids

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Polar bears are super cute and making a polar bear themed Christmas ornament is a great way to decorate your home for the holidays.

Polar bears have evolved to live in some of the coldest climate regions on Earth, able to withstand sub-freezing temperatures for months without eating or drinking anything. The fur that covers their body is excellent at trapping in heat and keeping them warm. They make a popular winter and Christmas crafts and so today we are making a polar bear craft perfect for your Christmas tree.

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How Making Ornaments With Kids Is Educational and Fun

Christmas is a time of giving, but not all gifts have to cost money. Making homemade ornaments with kids can be educational and an activity in which kids learn from the beginning by doing something useful as making decorations for their home.

Making ornaments is an enriching activity that gets children involved in the holiday spirit, with the added bonus of giving them an unique gift that they had a hand in making.

The best part is, it’s really easy to make these ornaments with children: let’s find out how!

Supplies Needed for This Polar Bear Decoration

How to Make This Polar Bear Decoration

Prepare your wooden slices by painting the background black. Set the slices aside to dry ready for your crafting session.

Paint the outside of your polar bear onto the ornament using white paint. use red paint for a scarf and pink for the ears and cheeks.

Paint the eyes, nose and mouth and flick white dots onto the background above the polar bear.

Glue some artificial tree fur around the outside of your polar bear wooden slice. This will add texture and make the Christmas decoration even prettier. Add twine so you can hang the slice as an ornament.

Your Polar Bear ornament is now ready to hang on the tree. Alternatively you may like to gift this as a Christmas present. If you make these cute polar bear ornaments in the classroom or preschool have the kids take them home as Christmas presents for their parents.

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