Disney Moana Glasses Review Sylvias Style

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Disney Moana Glasses Review Sylvias Style

Several Months ago Sylvia and I went to Specsavers for a children’s eye test and to review the new Disney Moana glasses range. We love fashion and style and were really excited to see the new glasses on show.

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Disney Moana glasses

The eye test went really fantastic and we were told Sylvia has 20/20 vision which is great news. She does not need glasses and was quite pleased to learn this. The NHS recommend children have their eyes tested every two years and Sylvia hadn’t had a test in four years so it was great timing to double check all was okay.

eye test

After our eye test we went to check out the Disney Glasses. Sylvia is half Polynesian the same as the Disney character Moana and so it was great to have a look at the glasses range and try them out for fun.

Disney Moana Glasses

The Moana range have four different glasses, with Polynesian patterns, flowers and sea colours. They also have pictures of Moana the Disney character and are really cute.

Disney Moana Glasses

We had fun checking out the glasses and Sylvia really enjoyed testing them out. It was really fun. There is actually a whole range of Disney glasses and Sylvia not only loved the Moana ones, she also like the pink Frozen glasses too.

Disney Moana glasses

I think it’s great that there are cute and lovely glasses for kids. Back when I was a child I don’t recall any of the school kids who had glasses having nice ones. They were always big and round with no style. I think having a range such as the Moana Disney range or in fact any Disney or cute range is a great thing for kids and can really help boost their confidence when needing to wear glasses.

Disney Moana Glasses

To read more about whether your child should have an eye test you can visit my article  Does My Child Need An Eye Test? Why not pop over and have a read!

Angela x

*Disclosure: We were asked to review the Disney Moana glasses.

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    1. Agreed. It’s important for them to wear glasses and ones that look good. 🙂 It can help with confidence for sure.

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