Christmas Activity Sheets for Kids

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When it comes to learning, kids learn things that are meaningful to them. What could be more meaningful than Christmas?! These Christmas Activity Sheets not only give children something meaningful to learn, but they are fun too! 

christmas activity sheets

Why Themed Christmas Activity Sheets Are Meaningful

Teaching themes such as a Christmas theme is meaningful to children because themes motivate, authenticate, and integrate what you are trying to teach them. 

Christmas Activity Sheets and Other Christmas Activities

In addition to these Christmas Activity Sheets, here are some other ways to incorporate the theme of Christmas into your education for the month of December:

Google Santa’s Tracker

This is a program that actually runs on Google every December. Google Santa’s Tracker lets children track Santa on Christmas Eve. But, all the days leading up to Christmas Eve, there are fun activities they can do individually or as a class. If you are an educator, check out the page for educators to get an idea of things you can do as a class. 

Read Christmas Books

One of the best parts of Christmas is all the amazing Christmas stories. Stories are great educational tools that are not only fun for the kids but provide a plethora of educational activities. Here are just a few ways you can use these 40 Christmas Books for Kids!

  • Compare and contrast versions of the same story
  • Predict what will happen as you read
  • Have students summarize the story in their own words
  • Act out one of the books
  • Create an art project 

Talk About Other Holiday Traditions

Many schools do a “Christmas Around the World” theme. This is where children learn about Christmas all over the world. As we know, Christmas doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, and it’s important for children to learn about other cultures, traditions, and ways of celebrating. Here are just a few other holiday traditions you could teach students about:

  • The Yule Lads in Iceland
  • Saint Nicolas Day in Germany
  • The lighting of the Hannuaka Menorah
  • Galve Goat in Sweden
  • The Giant Lantern Festival in the Philippines
  • Krampus in Europe (this could be scary for younger students)

Create a Christmas Emoji

One thing that is picking up in school systems is STEM learning. A great way to incorporate STEM in your classroom is to create a Christmas Emoji. This is because instead of just drawing it, children have to actually code it. Click here to find out how your class can code and Emoji for the holidays!

Make Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a great way for kids to give something special to someone they care about. They may not have money to buy any gifts, but a card is just as thoughtful. I have found kids really like making pop up cards which are super easy to make. 

Creative Writing

A great way to use these Christmas Activity sheets is to use them in a creative writing activity. Instead of having children just color their Christmas pictures, have them color the pictures to go with their creative writing. Here is a few creative writing prompts to go with these coloring pages:

  • The True Story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Pretend you are one of Santa’s Elves. Write about your days working for Santa.
  • You have been given a baby reindeer to raise. What will you do to care for it? How will you take care of it?
  • Write about the Perfect Christmas Day
  • Create a New Holiday Tradition

Christmas Activity Sheets

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Download your free Christmas Activity Sheet here!

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