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Low Point Weight Watchers Soup recipes are a must at this time of year. When I’m looking for something healthy and filling I often like to try out a new Weight Watchers Soup and today I’ve got a fabulous list of 0 point or low point weight watchers soups which are super tasty and full of goodness.

I’ve recently decided to take a new approach to my weight loss journey. Rather than focus on losing weight, I’m focusing on eating foods full of nutrition and goodness.

I love both soups with chicken or turkey but it’s great to have variety and make different flavour soups rather than the same soup over and over again. That would become a little boring! 

So here is a list of 30 low point Weight Watchers Soups. I’m sure you’ll find something great in here! 

Weight Watchers Zero Point Soup Recipes 

Here are some fantastic weight watchers zero point soup recipes for those days when you need something filling that won’t hit you hard. This is great if you’re saving your points for a night out or when you’re simply trying to balance your food better. 

0 Point Chilli – 0 Points
Broccoli and Cheddar – 0 Points
Chicken Taco – 0 Points
Garden Vegetable Soup – 0 Points
InstantPot Jerk Chicken – 0 Points
Vegetarian Chili – 0 Points
Cabbage Soup – 0 Points
Turkey Chili – 0 Points
White Chicken Chili – 0 Points
Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita Soup – 0 Points
Easy Vegetable Soup – 0 Points
Egg Roll Soup – 0 Points
Mexican Chicken Chili – 0 Points

Weight Watchers Low Point Soups 

Cabbage Roll Soup – 1 Point
InstantPot Chicken Taco – 1 Point
White Bean Turkey Chili – 1 Point
Chicken Enchilada – 1 Point
Chicken Corn Chowder – 1 Point
Broccoli Cheddar – 2 Points
Vegan Potato Soup – 3 points
Italian Chicken Noodle -3 Points
Skinny Steak Soup – 3 Points

More Easy Weight Watchers Soup Recipes

These soup recipes are also super tasty and with only a few points per serving you can really enjoy this tasty meal on your own or with the family. You can even cook up a batch and take soup to work, freeze it and save some for another day! 

InstantPot Potato and Shrimp – 3 Points
White Bean Sausage Soup – 3 Points
InstantPot Beef Stew – 3 Points
Butternut Squash – 3 Points
Lemon Chicken Noodle – 4 Points
Tomato Basil – 5 Points
Tortellini Spinach – 5 Points
Matzo Ball Soup – 5 Points
Crockpot Beef Veggie – 5 Points
Cheesy Beef Vegetable – 6 Points
Spinach Artichoke White Bean Soup – 6 Points
Chicken Verde Soup – 6 Points


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