Life Hacks for Families

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The lifestyles that families lead now are so much different to they were 50 years ago. Days are now filled with school, work, soccer practice, swimming lessons, play dates and time in front of screens. Moms and dads can find it hard to slow down and find time for themselves.

Kids can get swept up in all sorts of activities that demand their attention. With so much going on, it can be easy to let stress take over and we all know what kinds of problems that can create.

But family life can also be very rewarding and fun if you follow certain life hacks to make the day-to-day activities in your home much more stress-free. Interested to hear more?

life-hacks for families

Order Monthly Subscription Boxes

Everyone – especially young children – gets bored of snacks if they keep eating the same ones.

If you want to introduce mystery and intrigue into the types of snacks in your home, you can order a regular monthly snack subscription box to keep you guessing about what snacks you’re going to get each month.

Ever wondered what Lays are like in the UK? What about those Mikado things I’ve heard so much about at conventions? They might just be in your next delivery box.

Don’t Bring the Kids Shopping

Bring the kids to the grocery store and it’s going to cost you money and your sanity. They’ll want to throw everything into the cart behind your back and you’ll most likely get so flustered that you’ll end up giving in.

Make shopping a more enjoyable and economical experience by leaving the kids at home and plan your family meals so you have the best healthy meals at a good price.

Replacement iPhone

If your pre-teen is begging for an iPhone because you have one but you aren’t sure whether they need access to texts and calls, you can get an iPod Touch as it essentially works the same.

While the app functionality is limited it will let you surf the web, play games and all of the other things that you want from a smart phone.

More importantly, iPod Touch is available for a one-off fee and you don’t have to worry about placing adult controls on the cell network.

If you want to make sure they have the cellular function for emergencies then you can still get PAYG phones and plans – you just need to speak to your network provider about setting that up. 

Bring Picnics

Family meals out in restaurants can be expensive, even if they offer a deal on kid’s meals. Dessert is always a must so you’re looking at a two-course meal for everyone plus soft drinks too.

More and more families are cutting back on food expenses by investing in high quality picnic accessories including deck chairs, a fold up bench, blankets, a cooler box and a large basket. Involve the kids in prepping the food before leaving and make sure you pack their favorite snacks.

Going for a picnic will soon become one of the best activities you’ll do as a family and you’ll make life-long memories over home-cooked food in the surrounds of Mother Nature. That beats a happy meal from McDonalds, right?

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