How to Help Your Child Become More Independent 

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Seeing children grow up is both an unnerving and pride-inducing experience. Many are tenacious, ready to learn, and eager to explore. However, sometimes they do need that extra bit of encouragement to take the next step. 

If you are interested in how you can help your child become more independent, read on to find some valuable tips.

Why Help Your Child Become More Independent? 

There are a few reasons why it is important that your child learns how to become more independent. The first is related to you and the fact that while you may want to do everything for them forever, you will most likely not be able to. The truth is for the opposite when you are running around in the morning trying to sort out the breakfast, the school bags, and find the coats, all you want your child to do is to put their clothes on themselves that is not the speed of a snail! The second is to do with them and learning autonomy in the world, increasing their self-confidence, and implementing the first steps for them to strengthen their abilities.

It is also worth noting that in order to get the best results, you will need to identify what the barriers are. Is it you always swooping in? Do they have low self-esteem? Are they struggling with anxiety? Addressing this will be crucial to the outcome of moving forward.

Think About the Words You Use

A lot of the time, we can confuse children by becoming cross with them ‘out of the blue’. After all, you always put their socks on for them. Giving them notice of what you expect from them is important. Saying phrases like “Come on, you are not a baby anymore!” can sound negative and criticizing. Instead, approach it in a way that allows them to feel like they are ready to make the step and that you know they can do it. Phrases such as “I have realized you are ready to do big kid tasks, and that you can do it all by yourself now!” help reinforce your confidence in them and can facilitate them feeling like it is something they want to do, and be proud doing it. 

Spot the Independent Opportunities

Keep your eyes peeled for the moments where you can allow your children to take the reins. It can be as simple as them putting their shoes on, organizing their book bags, or brushing their teeth. For something more exciting, you can also opt for letting them choose their own clothes to represent their style, which reaffirms you have faith in their choices. A good way to do this (and to make sure they do not dress like a pirate every day) is to get a subscription to a kid’s clothing company like Kidpik! You can get a variety of clothes delivered straight to your front door, and your children can pick the ones they want to keep.

It is important not to become complacent with spotting opportunities, as this will always be ever-changing. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled so you can keep facilitating their independence and growth!

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