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As you know, my family love tasty and delicious food. In fact we love to cook easy family friendly recipes and we never say no to a healthy and nutritious side dish. In fact having fresh produce on hand to create a simple side salad or even having fresh fruit during the summer months requires a good storage solution for the fridge.


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Introducing Luxear Food Storage Containers

So this week we received three Luxear produce storage containers to test out and I must say both me and my mum were really pleased with the results.

The Luxear 3 piece set comes with 3 different sized containers which have partitions for storing fruits, vegetables and even meat or fresh fish.

The largest of the containers is fantastic for storing salad supplies, lettuce, tomatoes and much more.

Multifunctional Vegetable Storage Containers

What I love about the containers is that they are multifunctional. The bottom of the container had a small opening to allow water to be drained out. This means the container can be used as a colander to wash produce or strain food.

The filter tray at the bottom of the containers allows food to be protected from moisture meaning the vegetables or fruit will last longer when stored in the fridge.

What Size Are the Luxear Containers?

Having 3 different size containers can be super useful. You can store small pieces of fruit in the smaller containers and larger items in the larger ones.

The containers come as:

  • Green container – 4.5L
  • Blue container – 1.7L
  • Grey container – 0.5L

Fresh Vegetable Containers for Busy Cooks

These containers are great for busy parents who need to food prep at different times. You can prepare food in advance, store it in the fridge and get it out at night knowing it is still fresh and ready to use.

I like that the Luxear storage containers have dividers which can divide the containers both horizontal or vertically. That is really useful when and allows different shapes and sized foods to be stored.

Eco-Friendly Produce Containers

We are an eco-friendly family and we try to grow our own fruits and vegetables in the garden. Having a storage container, dad can collect his tomatoes, chuck them straight into the container and then wash them through.

The containers are made from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and have a 100 percent food grade rating.

There are also air vents on the top of each lid allowing you to regulate the amount of air that can get into the containers.

Where Can I Buy Food Storage Containers by Luxear?

The great news is that anyone can order these fantastic fresh food storage containers from Amazon.

In fact, if you purchase a set of 3 containers before the 13th April 2022, you can get an extra 10% off the cost using the voucher code below:

10% OFF using this code: RZPBE4AT

So why not head on over and check out these useful Luxear food containers today!

I’m really pleased with these fantastic and easy to use containers. My mum loves them and it’s made storing fruit and veg even easier for the family. Even better the containers are super easy to clean! Enjoy!

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  1. Look I like to save a pound/dollar wherever I can but these are well worth it I can see what it is at a glance and know that’s it’s fresh

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