Why I Won’t Give Up Blogging

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Why I Won’t Give Up Blogging

I have been blogging over three years now and despite the sacrifices and hard work and the challenges that come with being a blogger I can honestly say I don’t see myself giving up blogging.

Why I Won’t Give Up Blogging

Writing a professional blog is not easy. You don’t just write something down and press publish, there is a lot more involved with being successful, growing your following and having people read  your posts.

For example, there is a lot of planning involved, a lot of time spent on social media, time spent testing and experimenting, working out the best social media platforms for your content and time spent scheduling and promoting the things you write.

For me there is a lot of photography and editing involved. My husband tends to take a lot of the photos of my daughter and I take the photos of the crafts and the food ideas I make. Everything is edited.

Most photos have a watermark added and then there is uploading to do, pinterest pins to make, social media images, slideshows or videos. There is instagram stories to make and the list goes on and on.

Blogging for me is the only thing I seem to be able to do alongside having chronic illness. You see I can work on content in bed when I feel unwell and slowly plod away and take time off and have rests and days out when I am too unwell.

I could never do that is another job. There is however a downside and that is that between being unwell, parenting and blogging I don’t get much time to do anything else.

However if I didn’t blog, I’d still be stuck in the home and still be isolated a lot so social media and sharing with others is a friendly space which gives me enjoyment as well as our family opportunities.

It’s been a hard slog working many hours into the night writing and writing, creating, editing and promoting. Sometimes I have thought why am I doing this?

It has been especially hard when I have not made money in the way I’d have hoped by this point or when I hear of much newer bloggers earning a lot more than the basic full time wage.

I know I can’t compete or compare myself to others as I am unwell and it limits what I can cope with in terms of PR or brand opportunities but I still try my best.

I imagine if I did not have my health difficulties we would be doing very well financially right now. However when you are unwell slow and steady wins the race and I am doing the best I can.

So why will I never give up on blogging or why do I feel I this way at this point in my life. Well it’s simple. When I was a child I began violin lessons. I went to classes, joined an orchestra and did my best, however things got difficult.

I found the violin hard. It was a struggle to keep up with those in my class who seemed to be able to read the notes and play much better than me. In the end I gave up. I quit.

I told the teacher I was not going to attend lessons anymore, handed back my violin and wiped my hands of it. I was twelve years old.

As I grew up I had the opportunity to see others play the violin. I saw stars like Vanessa Mae and thought could I have ever been that good if I had stuck with it.

I thought what would my life be like now if i could still play the instrument. I saw my sister go on to to reach all the grades on her flute and to this day she can play.

Quitting the Violin left a big What if in my life wondering what might have happened if I had not given up when things got tough.

My Violin “what if” moments, keep me going as a blogger. I do not want to quit blogging and give up because of the sacrifice and the tough times. I want to keep going and reach for the stars.

Yes I am going at a pace I can handle and the money goals will hopefully be reached one day but this is one thing i am not going to quit. I will not be a “what if I had not quit blogging” blogger.

I will not look back years later and think what could have been. I will know because I am in this for the long road. I will work hard.

Yes I get dismayed, feel down and sad at times. I get stressed and overwhelmed and wish things would happen more easily but the reality is anything you want in life you have to work hard at sacrificing and giving your all.

I will do this. I’m in this for the future and I hope by doing so it can help us reach our dreams and goals as a family, even if it takes twice as long as I would like.

Angela x

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  1. Yes, reach for the stars! I love that. You are so right. Quitting is never the answer. Running a blog for profession is HARD these days. Kudos to you. I’m glad you are not quitting. You are very talented and I love to see what you create and put together. 🙂

  2. I played my flute all through school but, I know what you mean. My parents didn’t want to get it for me because they thought I would quit. I don’t know what I did to give them that impression other then my brother who played trumpet years a few years prior and did actually quit. Lol, my mom rented that flute for a few years then finally just bought it. I still have it!! I don’t quit to easily but slow down on things. Good luck to you on your blogging journey. If it makes you happy, helps keep you busy and you feel productive keep at it.

  3. You can do this mommy! 🙂

    Don’t give up something if it’s something you’re passionate about.
    And I agree that you don’t need to compare yourself with others since your blog – or yourself – is not like everyone else’s.

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