Staying Home With Grandpa the Adrenal Diaries Four

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Staying Home With Grandpa the Adrenal Diaries Four

This week has been an interesting week for me health wise. It’s been over a week since I came out of hospital after an adrenal episode and I was recovering at home and resting up. In fact over the past few days I had severe pain in the back of my eyes which to me is a sign of Vitamin D issues.

Staying Home With Grandpa The Adrenal Diaries Four

Vitamin D Deficiency

Whenever my Vitamin D drops low I get certain symptoms. My muscles ache in my legs, I am extra fatigued, my head hurts and my bones ache, especially around my eye sockets. That is my tell tale sign. However despite this I had something that I needed to do this week and that was spend time with my grandpa.

My Grandpa

My grandpa is a lovely man. He is kind and cheerful and lovely to talk to. He is a really special man and last week he spent a week in hospital. In fact we were hospital buddies. Grandpa was in Yorkshire and I was in Lancashire but both in hospital. Now my grandpa is home, he is in need of some extra help.

It’s not easy for grandpa. His feet are swollen and makes it impossible to walk now. This means my grandma is doing a lot, wheeling him around the home and taking care of his every need. My grandma is trying her best and it is hard work but she does it as she loves him.

Well the thing is yesterday was the funeral of my grandpa’s brother and sadly grandpa is not well enough to leave the home. He could not attend. The funeral was down South about a 5 hour drive and I was not well enough to make the trip either.

I offered to stay with my grandpa while my grandmother attended and spent two days with grandpa on my own. Despite being unwell myself, I managed just fine. I got grandpa up, took him where he needed to go in the home and we had breakfast, lunch and dinner together. We had marmite on toast for breakfast, bacon sandwiches for lunch and jacket potatoes for dinner.

I made grandpa hot drinks and when he needed a nap, I went for a nap as I needed one too. I managed and we got through the two days. It was lovely to sit and chat together and rest and just spend time together. My daughter is at school in Lancashire so John is looking after her but this was a one off and it’s not often you lose your brother.

So luckily for us, the funeral which Grandpa and I could not attend was broadcasted on facebook live and we were able to watch as if we were actually at the funeral. It was lovely to see and listen to family speak of my great uncle and celebrate his life. It was great to be able to watch the funeral with my grandpa and we sat and ate bacon sandwiches and we enjoyed the service.

Pacing Myself

Whilst I stayed with grandpa I did not do any blog work. I took time off and rested. I found by pacing myself I was able to do what needed to be done. I’t’s been a lovely stay and I will be returning home on Wednesday when my husband picks me up.

Until then I get a few more days with Grandpa and grandma who has returned. She is really tired so I will do my best to help them both for the next two days and then return to my husband and daughter in Lancashire. It’s been a lovely little visit and I am surpised how well I have managed with my own health issues. I guess me and my grandpa are both unwell so we are both snail paced and it works well.


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  1. It’s always important to rest when you can. It’s always nice to be with elderly relatives. I have a 96 year old Grandma, and I love being with her.

  2. Spending time with our family is always a good thing. I’m glad you and your grandpa are out the hospital and hope you’re on your way to feeling better.

  3. Such a sweet post! I really hope you and your granpa will get well soon! I am happy you spent some good time with him, I miss mine so much…

  4. What a nice story. Glad you got to spend time with your Grandpa and take some time to rest yourself. Sounds like you have a very loving, close family 🙂

  5. Lucky you to get to spend such precious time with your grandpa. He is blessed to have such a caring and empathetic caregiver. Being in pain yourself probably helps you understand other’s pain very well. I’m glad you were able to make the most of a difficult situation. I lived with my aging grandfather for a few years as a young adult, and it was such a blessing to get to know him.

  6. You are such a blessing. Love hearing how you took care of your grandpa. It takes a special person to care for elderly people (whether related or not). Yay for a fabulous grand daughter !!! 😉

  7. That’s great you were able to help out with your grandfather, even if you weren’t well enough to be able to go to the funeral. And facebook live is such a beautiful thing. I have used it a lot for events with my daughter so my dad and mom can see her performances.

  8. Aww bless you and your Grandpa – he looks like such a nice man! This post made me miss having a grandad so much. It’s so sweet of you to offer to stay with him, especially when you are not well yourself. Never take grandparents for granted, that’s what I always say 🙂

  9. That’s really sweet of you. It’s nice to be able to spend time with your grandparents and make sure they are cared for and you did just that with your Grandpa! I hope you both recover well and be in top shape soon. That picture is the sweetest!

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