How to Make Your Family Vacation Snaps Instagram-Worthy

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Why do we go on vacation in the 2020s? Is it to enjoy new experiences? Or is it to report everything that we do to our friends on Instagram? 

If you’re like a lot of people, it’s the latter. Instagram has become a kind of digital vacation diary that contains information on every little thing that we do while we’re away from home. 

But how do you use the tool properly? That’s what you’re about to find out in this article. Check it out below. 

Focus on the Details

If you want to create an Instagram post that gets views, focus on the details. Use your camera to shoot things from new angles that people don’t expect. So, for instance, if you’re at the Taj Mahal, don’t stand at the opposite end of the mall and take a frontal shot of the building. Instead, frame it in an interesting way, or take images of features up close that keep people guessing. 

Make Your Coffee Look Sexy

Taking photos of your coffee shop experiences on vacation might sound like a waste of time. But if you can be creative about it, they can actually be some of the most popular images that you take. 

Try taking shots directly above your coffee cup – like a bird’s eye view – and adorn the rest of the area with travel magazines and your camera. You’ll wind up with something that looks very refined and sophisticated. 

Figure Out What Works

If you want to grab attention while you’re on vacation, you need to figure out which type of content works. The best way to do this is to use an analytics Instagram API. This will allow you to see what type of photos work best, who is viewing them, and, in some cases, they are so popular. 

Focus on Cultural Elements

Taking pictures of your toes on a sandy beach is a lot of fun, but it’s not exactly cultural. If you want views on Instagram, you have to treat your channel like a travel brochure. Think about the kind of photos that get people interested in going abroad in the first place and replicate them. 

Focusing on cultural elements will also help to elevate your account above those of other families. 

Get On Your Bike

If you want the absolute best vacation photos, you have to get out there and snap them yourself. Being stuck inside a car all day being chauffeured around is no good. 

Start by hiring bikes for the whole family (or bringing them with you from home). Then get out into the backstreets and wilderness so that you can find opportunities to take photos ignored by everyone else. The holy grail is to take recognisable images that show locations in a radically new light. 

Forget Scale

Lastly, you might want to play around with scale in your vacation snaps. Try to find opportunities to make objects appear larger or smaller than they really are to generate more visual interest. Confusing people will get more likes and shares. 

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