Impressive Things Built Using Lego?

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Every kid grew up with LEGO. Perhaps your most impressive creation was a car? Or a truck! Oh well, we all loved building with LEGO. Each LEGO structure was already an accomplishment.

You will be in awe at what creative minds can do with these building blocks of imagination. It’ll give anyone’s LEGO town at home a run for their money! While you’re here be sure to check out this Lego Storage Ikea Hack!

The Most Impressive Lego-Built Creations

Here are some of the most impressive creations built using LEGO building blocks. You’d want to get inside the minds of their genius creators.

Lord of the Rings Rivendell

Rivendell is a surreal fantasy world. Everyone who’s a fan of the LOTR enterprise will be in awe of this majestic place. Alice and David Finch made this fantasy realm come true to life. In 2013, this duo was able to create Rivendell out of 200,00 LEGO bricks. Amazingly, they included intricate and minute details such as the foliage complete with Elven figurines.

Tallest Lego Tower

We’re not just speaking of a life-sized LEGO tower. It’s the tallest LEGO tower in the world! A global competition on who can build the most massive and tallest building using LEGO bricks paved the way for this enormous edifice. Israel brought home the bacon with a mammoth 118-foot structure.

Omar Syamd made the tallest LEGO tower. Interestingly, he was just eight years old. Sadly, he died in 2014 due to cancer. Before passing, he said that his happiness came mostly from building creations from LEGO.

The Most Prominent Display of Star Wars Clone Troopers

On June 27, 2008, one of the largest displays in the history of LEGO was made. LEGO itself built it, and the company used 35,310 individual models. It is a Star Wars fan’s picture-perfect moment.

Life-Sized T 800 Robot

Building a robot is one thing, but building a robot out of LEGO building blocks is another. It’s quite mind-blowing to see a life-sized T800 robot using 15,000 LEGO pieces. The robot LEGO stands at a whopping 6 feet tall. It might even be taller than you. Martin Latta designed it, complete with blinking eyes. It’s a replication of the cyborg assassin and quite an impressive one at that.

Allianz Arena Model

Standing at a meter tall, this replica of the Allianz Arena in Munich is astounding. LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort made this impressive structure using 30,000 LEGO spectators.

Life-Sized Giraffe

You can even make a jungle of Jumanji with LEGO blocks. A giant giraffe was created in LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Boston using 22,000 Duplo bricks.

lifesize giraffe made from lego

Full-Size, Functional House

Want to know what it’s like to live in a house made of LEGO? Well, someone thought of that and wanted to experience it. This fully functional LEGO house will drive you insane. James May has always been a LEGO fan, and this structure was his homage.

The house, at first glance, looks like LEGO bricks from the outside. But once you step in, you’ll find that everything is fully functional. The sink is even connected to a waterline! It’s safe to say that the shower and toilet work. We’re just not sure if anyone tried it. 

The LEGO house was a labor of love, not just by May but by the entire community. Sadly, it’s all gone now. His landlord wanted the structure gone. Though LEGO tried to transfer it, it was just too expensive for the brand. So, there was no other choice but to demolish it. Come to think of it, it was a waste of talent. If only LEGO weren’t such a cheapskate then, it would be a sight to behold.

things built using lego

Fully Functional Submachine Gun

From a fully functional house, you can also build a fully functional weapon. And Jack Streat was able to make a submachine gun out of LEGO bricks that fire!

But of course, it only shoots bricks.

Full-Sized Car

This full-sized Volvo was made of 200,000 bricks and was created by LEGO engineers in California. You won’t be able to drive this LEGO car down the road. But who needs it to be functional when it’s awe-inspiring in itself?

Lego Sea Monster

When you visit Disney World, you will see a replica of the green sea serpent from Lake Buena Vista Lagoon. This giant sea creature was created using 170,000 LEGO bricks. And it took a very long 5000 hours to complete. 

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