Easy Houseplants: 6 Best Plants to Grow Indoors

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We probably think that plants only belong in the garden. Over the years, because of the changes and trends, more people prefer plants indoors. Having indoor plants is the simplest way to make your home greener. Everything is possible with indoor plants. Even with little space, you can now have plants you can enjoy inside your homes. 

Indoor plants are also an essential element in making your interiors look better. You don’t have to worry about bringing in your garden as it can work by placing the plants in a pot, box, or hanging containers. Aside from making your place look good with greens, it also has multiple benefits. Plants can simply make anyone feel better.

The indoor plants do not require intensive care and gardening expertise like the ones outside. Household plants can grow beautifully even without much care and attention. Even with little knowledge, you can still grow these best indoor plants we included in our list. 

1. Pothos

The pothos is one of the most flexible indoor plants out there. You can quickly grow this plant as it can withstand any lighting condition. Not only that, its heart-shaped leaves make it more attractive. The pothos plant can also help purify the air of your home. It can survive in low light and even in over or under-watering.

The pothos is the perfect indoor plant for busy people that are commonly out for work. Without enough water for a long time, its leaves can wither and become yellow. When this happens, simply give the plant a good soak of water.

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2. Hellebores

The hellebores are also known as “The Christmas Rose” as they flower around Christmas. This plant is also known for its rose-like flowers that are indeed eye-catching. The hellebores are perfect for placing on a tabletop with bright light. Flowering your hellebores can surely create a carpet of blooms that can be perfect for your interior design.

The hellebores can indeed add beauty to your home. To take care of it, you have to water the hellebores regularly.

3. Aglaonema

The aglaonema comes in a spectrum of colors that you can choose from. It includes green, pink, white, and red. The aglaonema has a bright and vibrant color that can enhance the beauty of your homes. It can also suit modern living rooms and bedrooms. This plant is also known for its moisture tolerance and its ability to withstand dry and low light conditions. 

However, overwatering and adding too much fertilizer can cause its leaves to turn brown. If you are using tap water, you can leave it open overnight to help remove the chlorine and fluoride. This can help you take care of its leaves well. 

4. Asparagus Fern

Unlike other ferns, the asparagus fern can tolerate more difficult growing conditions very well. The asparagus fern is commonly placed in a hanging basket. This plant is easy to grow. However, you may not notice at first, but this soft and fuzzy-looking plant has thorny spurs. You don’t have to worry; you can then wear gloves when taking care of it.

The asparagus fern can adapt both in bright and dark spots of your home. To make it healthy, you should keep its soil moist to avoid its ferns from drying out. Taking care of the asparagus fern indoors requires a repotting every few years.

5. Mandarin Oranges

It is true that when you grow a plant, you also improve your health. Planting fruits indoors has been done by most people with rooftops and window gardens. Growing fruit indoors is already not new for some. The mandarin oranges are oranges that have thinner skin that can be easily peeled. 

Mandarin oranges are known for being naturally small in size. It can also quickly adapt to the growing condition indoors. For it to grow perfectly, the mandarin oranges require enough light and moderate temperature.

6. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant is known to be one of the easiest and unique plants to grow indoors. Though it is hard to find one, it still gains its popularity today. The Chinese money plant is best to plant indoors in pots. If you have this plant, remember not to place it in direct sunlight. It can grow well in indirect light, perfect in a sunny window.

The Chinese money plant also requires weekly watering. However, it is essential to well-drain the soil as it allows it to dry out between waterings. 


The trend for modern design in our home’s interiors became one of the essential elements most people consider. But simple decorations like indoor plants also gained attention. For most people, growing their plants both improved their home decor and their health. 

Plants indeed have significant advantages to the people. They also provide you a lot and great options. From its size and color, there is no doubt it is worth investing your time in plants. Make your life fresher and simple with these fantastic greens.

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