3 Things to Prioritize While Planning Your Next Family Trip

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Travel in the new normal is very different from the pre-pandemic times. Despite the vaccine rollouts and tight control over the virus, the threat is far from gone. Although Canadians are planning family trips again, they require much more planning and preparation than usual. Things can get even more daunting when you have young kids or old parents in tow. You cannot just pack and leave on the fly because you must consider several factors in the current situation. Here are the things you must prioritize while planning your next family holiday.


Without any doubt, safety has to be on top of any travel checklist in the new normal. You have to ensure it right from the moment you set your foot outside your home.

Start by getting vaccines for your family because they offer effective defense against the virus. Picking a safe destination is equally important, and it entails extensive research of the real-time status of the virus there.

Ensure that the airlines and accommodation you select have the recommended safety protocols in place. Follow the precautions during transit and while you are there, and ensure everyone in the family does it. Pack your essentials, and you are good to go.


The pandemic year was a stressful one. Families struggled to stay sane when locked inside their homes. Now that you can fly to your favorite destinations, convenience is another factor to prioritize. Thankfully, you can book your flights and accommodation online without much effort. You even get to browse and explore options before sealing the deal.

Driving to the airport in your vehicle is another way to ease the journey. The good thing is that you need not worry about parking hassles. If you plan to fly from Calgary, you can book Long term parking Calgary airport online.

Since family vacations are usually longer, you can leave your vehicle safely at the parking. Online check-ins also make travel more convenient these days, so use them to your advantage.


Another crucial factor that impacts your family travel plans is affordability. Money is tight for most Canadian households right now, and splurging on vacations does not make sense. But you can still plan a budget holiday that does not burn a hole in your wallet. Skip exotic international destinations and settle for a short-distance vacation.

Look for discounts and deals on flights and hotels to cut down the costs. You can even pick a vacation rental rather than stay at a luxury resort this year. Vacation rentals are affordable, and you can save even more by cooking your meals by yourself. It is also a better option from the virus safety perspective because you can avoid the crowds and have a private stay.

Family travel can become a lot safer and easier by following these pieces of advice. Just focus on spending quality time with your loved ones rather than planning a luxury trip this year. You can have a good time without toppling your budget or compromising on safety.  

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