House Extension Designs: Contemporary Trends in British Architecture

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Exploring house extension designs as per British architecture? It is a great idea to get extra space so that you can style it with creativity. Contemporary homes come with amazing design elements that fulfill current trends, and more shine can be added to them. But whatever extension ideas you have in your mind must complement the existing building. 

If traditional structures are perfectly blended with modern designs, then only it will look impressive. Fittra Home Extension company can help you obtain extra space that can be stylishly designed. Think about the ideas to revamp the exterior of your house and manage space wisely. Know some amazing contemporary trends available in British architecture that look classy in a lifetime. 

Sustainable Design

Nowadays, everyone focuses on sustainability when designing and constructing any building. For home extensions, the expectations are also the same. Homeowners want to use sustainable materials for constructing or renovating any space. 

When you decide to increase the house space, the building material for the design should be eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The contractors are focusing on incorporating technologies like solar panels, recycled glasses, and other sustainable materials. 

Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Another growing trend is to create living spaces both indoors and outdoors. You can consider it in the home extension. The outer area of the house can be used to make an open living room attached to the kitchen. The open living room will be airy and close to nature. Homeowners prefer to spend some peaceful time in nature and sit outdoors for a while. 

Extending such a living space is possible with modern architecture and designs. The patio can be covered wisely with furniture that matches the aesthetics. A roof can also be constructed to protect from rain and direct sunlight.

Adding Sources for Natural Light

Through house extensions, homeowners want to add sources to get natural light. It will save electricity bills and add a fresh, airy feel to their space. The trend is fulfilled by adding large windows for natural light and air. 

It gives a bright and shiny appearance to the house. Imagine how your house sparkles under the skylights, and your family can gaze at the stars all night. You will feel close to the universe. Getting natural light through home extensions is one of the latest construction trends.  

Minimalist Design

Minimal is always more, and that’s true in the architecture industry. In recent years, this trend is gaining popularity worldwide. Many people prefer minimalist design in the space obtained by home extensions.

The aim is to create a clean area with simple lines and limited colors. The clear space appears uncluttered and modern. It makes your house look expensive and classy at the same time. Add a modern touch to your house by considering the minimalist design for your house extension.  

Reusing Existing Structures

Old is gold. The traditional structures may become outdated with time, but you can renovate them differently to get a unique look. Pick existing structures that can be recreated or reused in your home extensions. This idea will preserve the soul of the old building. 

The modern décor will shine better with a vintage touch. Recreating old structures with modern ideas is all about British architecture. Even old trends repeat themselves in the modern era and appear new to all homeowners. Consider this policy followed in British culture and implement it to achieve the same.  

Use of Smart Technology 

Anyone planning for home extensions must not forget to incorporate smart technology devices into that space. Add an automation system for controlling the lighting, air conditioning, and heating features. Connect your tablet or smartphone to these devices by using Wi-Fi and controlling various features. 

Smart technology is becoming popular these days as everyone wants to get advanced technically. Within a few clicks, you can manage all the features of the automation system from any place near your house. You cannot ignore this technology as it has become mandatory in all modern properties.   


Before hiring a construction contractor for a home extension, know what you want. Analyze your requirements and expectations initially to start renovating the extended area of your house. Instead of taking suggestions or copying others’ ideas, style the space by customizing it in your own way.

Add anything you desire in the additional space, like a modern kitchen or a home theater. The choice is completely yours. Explore different buildings through online portals and get a unique idea for your house extension. After that, explain the details to the construction company and get it done as you like it.  

Add Natural Elements 

The modern era is getting closer to nature. Adding natural elements to your home extension is a classy idea. You can keep indoor plants or modify the walls by adding stones or wood touches. Design a corner that appears natural and beautiful. 

Such an indoor space feels like an outdoor one. It is an updated idea that one can implement for the extensions. You will love to stay in your house if you add such natural elements. You can choose subtle and natural colors to paint the walls to compliment the interiors. Customize the décor that suits your aesthetics well. 

Final Thoughts

If you plan to get a home extension designed per contemporary British architecture, these trends will help you a lot. Know what others are doing when it comes to designing their house extension. Take your time to explore and get a unique idea to customize the corner as per your choice. In British architecture, most old designs are recreated and reused in the modern era. 

Focus on the current trends and plan how to twist them to use them in your space. Hire a professional who can suggest new ideas and help you achieve the desired home extension. Decorate the extra space wisely by adding elements that match your house’s aesthetics well. Start working on your extension idea and recreate your home space beautifully! 

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