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Go Forward In Life With A Smile My Experience Of Counselling

Today I’m going to share something on the blog I’ve never shared before. Last year I completed two and a half years of counselling. That’s right. I had been having private counselling or therapy, whatever you choose to call it for the past two plus years and now I’ve finished the journey.



Having counselling is not something I’m ashamed of. It’s something that was needed to help me overcome and move on from some difficult situations which I have faced as a child and young woman and as an adult who has lived in an abusive marriage. I never knew just how far I would come with the right counsellor.

When I started my therapy I was a different person. Someone who had been treated badly at times and as a result I had lost my confidence. I struggled to say no to people and stand up for what I wanted. I found myself justifying my every move, constantly apologising and asking permission for the silliest of things. I’d even ask my husband John if it was okay to have a glass of milk. He would kindly remind me I don’t need to ask permission but I’d developed a habit of asking permission and that amongst many other things needed to be addressed.

I know being mistreated in the past has had a massive effect on my self-worth and confidence and it really did affect the way I reacted and acted and how I felt about myself. I’ve slowly worked on different aspects of my life and although I still have the terrible habit of continuously saying sorry, (something I’m not sure I will ever overcome completely) I have grown so much and am in such a better place emotionally.

Having counselling does not make you any less of a person. It does not make you emotionally unstable or mentally ill. Sometimes we just need to talk through the experiences which effect one’s life and the chance to get therapy was just what I needed to move forward in life.

Back in 2013 I had no idea how long I would need counselling. I had no idea if it would work, or if it could help me to overcome my past and get stronger but it has and I’m really grateful for the opportunity and for my husband for the financial sacrifice he allowed us to make for the treatment I needed.


Having counselling not only allowed me to grow in confidence and discuss some terrible experiences. It also helped me to learn to live with my current issues, my current health problems which will always be here and to learn to go forward with a smile and purpose no matter what.

I don’t plan to write anything else on the topic of counselling as a blogger. It’s something which is very personal to me but I can say it has really helped me and I’m really pleased with my progress. I have goals, I am a Mother and a wife, a writer and blogger and I feel happy that I have a sense of purpose and a plan for me.

The nasty moments in life, I have been through will always exist, they are a part of me, but they are also what makes me a stronger person, a better person and a more understanding person. I’m grateful to my counsellor for the support she has been to me over the past two and a half years but am excited to move on now and take what I have learnt with me into the unknown.