Why Majorca Is a Perfect Destination for Your Next Summer Holiday

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With this year’s summer already passing away, you are probably looking for your next destination. From hosting thrilling water sports to warm sandy beaches and abundant nature, Majorca is a sight to behold. It has recently become a major tourism destination, attracting tourists from all over the world. Here is why you should also visit.

Majorca is a perfect destination

A Rich Historical Heritage

Founded by the ancient Roman empire, some of the most popular small towns in Majorca are rich in medieval history. They have historical landmarks dating back to the past. These include the famous Roman Remains of Pollentia and Santuari de Sant Salvador, which contains a wooden statue of the virgin Mary.

Further exploration will lead you to various museums which are custodians of the island’s history. For instance, the Museu Diocesà de Mallorca houses over two hundred religious artifacts. These include paintings that depict the lives of Paul and Jesus. Others are the pottery collected on the island between the 14th and 18th century and give a trace of the island’s religious background. 

You can visit the historical sites in the area whilst staying in the Coolest hotels in Majorca. Get the best of both worlds, great accommodation and site seeing at the same time.

Spectacular Beaches and Watersports

Being one of the Balearic Islands, the long stretches of beaches in Majorca are lined with fine white sands and rocky coves. Depending on your region, the island has a wide range of beaches, from child-friendly to romantic, with a vibrant or quiet life.

There are a wide variety of hotels in Majorca you can choose from. Some of the Coolest Hotels in Majorca range from luxurious and modern beach resorts to traditional family-run pensions; Majorca offers something for everyone. If you’re looking for a holiday full of pampering and relaxation, then this is the perfect destination.

With the sea being a stone’s throw away, the island is not lacking in water sports. These include kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, or paddleboarding.

Vibrant Culture

From traditional to contemporary culture, Majorca hosts a series of annual concerts and events to showcase its rich culture. These range from food and wine tasting to religious feasts and commemorations. 

These festivals are characterized by a lot of music, dancing, parades on the streets, bonfires, and feasting in which tourists can participate. In addition, the island is dominated by Christianity, and most people are Roman Catholics. 

Breath-Taking Nature

Majorca has one of Europe’s most beautiful, unspoiled, and uninhabited beaches. With an extensive crystal clear coastline come spectacular wildlife experiences such as birds and wildlife watching in the coastal parks.

Mountains such as Serra de Tramuntana have been classified as cultural landscapes by the UNESCO world heritage and offer magnificent scenery. Its paths, terraces, and walls are laced in dry stone, making it perfect for hiking and cycling. 

Further, the gorgeous mountains at Forlnatux and the Lievant peninsula nature reserve park add to a hiking experience since they are one of the most challenging trails. 

The discovery of natural caves such as the Cuevas del Drach caves has also become a great sensation here. The caves have fantastic colors and arguably contain the largest underground lake in the world. 

Great Weather

The weather in Majorca is one of the best things about this island. With a Mediterranean climate, the summer seasons are often hot and sunny, while the winters are relatively warmer. Temperatures in the winter lower to an average of ten degrees Celsius, making the island reasonably warmer. 

The peak holiday season is always between May and October. At that time, the average temperatures are over eighteen degrees celsius, making it easier to explore the island. 

Buzzing Nightlife

If you are a young traveler seeking to party the night away, Palma, the capital city of Majorca, has the best mix of electric and lively bars and nightclubs. You can find every kind of entertainment ranging from jazz music to karaoke, popular DJs, and discotheques.

Whether you want a peaceful or an adrenaline-rush adventure, Majorca is the place to be.

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